What is a Hidden Penis?

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A hidden penis is a recognized medical condition characterized by a partially visible or completely inconspicuous penis. Also known as a buried penis or concealed penis, there are many causes for this condition. The most common factors influencing the development of a hidden penis are abnormal growth of fat around the abdomen, thighs, and scrotum; weight and body type; extreme circumcision; and aging.

In most individuals with a hidden penis, the organ is partially or completely concealed by layers of fat. This gives the impression that the penis is unusually small, but, in reality, it is only buried in the skin and a small portion is protruding from the body. The condition is further distinguished by loose skin around the shaft of the organ or an extremely tight foreskin.

The vast majority of hidden penis cases are congenital and are immediately present at birth. A diagnosis may not be made, however, until the patient is slightly older. Research shows that it is important to diagnose and treat hidden penis in youth as the condition can lead to problems later on down the road, principally frequent urinary tract infections and sexual dysfunction.

Some are born with or develop an excess pouch of skin around the groin area. This pouch may not be significantly pronounced, but it may be noticeable enough to conceal part of the penis. Such a circumstance can be altered by the removal of fat and skin around the area. In some cases, the area is all fat wrapped in a stretched-out pocket of skin; these cases can benefit from liposuction, which sucks the fat from the area. Weight gain at varying points in life might also cause the condition to arise.

Circumcision is another major culprit in the development of hidden penis. The removal of foreskin is a sensitive process, and the individual performing the procedure can easily remove too much skin. This causes the skin of the penis and the skin of the scrotum to stick together, resulting in a hidden penis.

Age plays another factor in developing a hidden penis. As the body ages, the skin loses elasticity and starts to sag. In some individuals, the skin will sag to such a degree that it envelopes all or part of the penis. This is especially true for aging overweight individuals.

Surgery is often performed to remedy this condition. The procedure frees the penis from the skin and fat surrounding it. Since hidden penis can lead to health problems later in life, it is often conducted when an individual is still young.

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