What is a Herniorrhaphy?

A herniorrhaphy is a surgical procedure used to treat medical problems stemming from a hernia condition. It is a specific surgical strategy where the hernia is repaired through a series of incisions and sutures. Herniorrhaphy is a medical term that combines the Ancient Greek words hernia and raphere, the latter meaning to suture or to make a seam. This procedure may also be known as hernioplasty or hernia repair, although hernioplasty denotes the use of a material foreign to the patient's body to help treat the hernia.

Hernia refers to any protrusion of tissues or internal organs through an area of muscle in the body. Most often, a hernia can be found in the areas of the stomach or abdomen. It is a highly common medical problem that may be the result of genetic disposition or of strenuous activities such as heavy lifting.

People that are bothered by a hernia may opt for surgery. Hernias, however, can become dangerous when the protrusion is such that the blood supply to the hernia is cut off. This can lead to tissue death. In this case, the hernia becomes a medical emergency and usually requires an emergency surgical intervention.

Herniorrhaphy is a specific treatment employed relative to the type of hernia problem that the patient is experiencing. There are two possible procedures: traditional and laparoscopic. In the former, an incision is made through the skin covering the hernia and the protruding tissues are forced back into place. The doctor then sutures the tear.

A laparoscopic procedure utilizes a laproscopic device to help in the procedure. The laporscopic device is a miniature telescope that has a tiny camera fastened to it, enabling the doctor to see the hernia on a monitor. Using longer surgical instruments, the doctor can fix the hernia from behind the abdomen wall.

In the cases where herniorrhaphy is used as a surgical procedure, the success rates typically are very high. Generally, there is only a 1.6 percent chance of the hernia reoccurring. The successes in herniorrhaphy surgery have made the procedure relatively simple in the United States, which means that the patient may return home from the hospital on the same day of the operation. This procedure normally requires only the employment of a local anesthetic by the medical staff.

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