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The Herculiner® is a sturdy bed liner that is used to protect truck beds. Unlike solid prefab liners that are slipped into place and secures, the Herculiner® is actually a kit that makes it possible to spread a protecting compound over the floor and sides of the truck bed. When applied properly, the Herculiner® provides years of protection from rust and scratching while not marring the overall look of the truck bed.

Providing a viable alternative to both the prefabricated and the spray on liners, the Herculiner® makes for easy installation. Available red, white, and gray along with the standard black, anyone with basic painting skills can apply the compound to the truck bed liner and create a look that looks as if a professional did the work.

A few precautions must be taken when installing the Herculiner®`. The work should be performed in an area that is well ventilated. It is also important to make sure there is no direct sunlight in the space and that the compound does not come in contact with water while drying. However, once the Herculiner® is dry, the truck bed will be protected from the occasional scratching that takes place with the normal use of a truck.


The Herculiner® bed liner offers several advantages over other types of truck bed liners. Quick repairs to the liner require nothing more than brushing on a little more compound. This means there is no need to replace whole sections, as the compound easily adheres to the original application.

Another benefit is the bumpy texture of the compound. This makes it more difficult for anything to slide around the bed during transport. In addition, the appearance is very similar to that of a spray-on truck bed liner, but is much less expensive.

While the Herculiner® is a great option for many people, some consumers have noted a few drawbacks to the process. One is that over time the black Herculiner® compound tends to slowly fade to gray over time, especially if the truck is left outside rather than housed in a garage or covered area when not in use. If water is allowed to set in the truck bed, it can over time create a crack in the surface of the Herculiner®. In locations where the heat and humidity reach tropical levels during the summer months, there is a chance that the Herculiner® will become slightly tacky, especially when in the sun for several hours.

Still, the Herculiner® is an affordable way to protect truck beds from normal wear and tear. The compound can be stored for several years, making it easy to perform periodic touch-ups. Easy to clean and maintain, using Herculiner® may be the ideal option for many truck owners.


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