What is a Hemorrhoid Suppository?

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A hemorrhoid suppository is a medicine-filled capsule that is inserted directly into the rectum. When used correctly, these suppositories are highly effective in treating hemorrhoids for most sufferers. There are several benefits to using suppositories over cream medications, including less mess and easier application.

Hemorrhoids occur most commonly in those who suffer from chronic constipation, although they can affect anyone at any time. The blood vessels located in the rectum can become swollen and inflamed, primarily when pressure is placed on them while trying to pass a difficult bowel movement. For this reason, pregnant women and those with digestive problems are most likely to suffer from hemorrhoids.

The suppository is made using the same medication that common hemorrhoid creams are made from, but they are thicker in order to be formed into a large capsule-like shape. This makes them easier to insert into the rectum because they can be easily held between two fingers. These characteristics are what make suppositories cleaner and easier to use than hemorrhoid creams or gels. Once inside the body, the suppository dissolves, thus dispersing the medication throughout the anal cavity.


In most cases, use of a hemorrhoid suppository results in no hemorrhoid symptoms after only three days. Common symptoms include itching, burning, and swelling of the rectum. They are most prominent after a bowel movement. If severe irritation or bleeding are present, a hemorrhoid suppository should not be used until these things are resolved. Suppositories may worsen skin irritation and exacerbate symptoms.

Most of the time, hemorrhoid suppositories are highly effective and safe to use. However, if symptoms worsen or fail to go away within a week, patients are advised to see a doctor. Irritation could be worse than realized, or a condition other than hemorrhoids could be to blame. More serious conditions should be checked and treated by the proper medical personnel. Additionally, if a patient has never been diagnosed with hemorrhoids and begins having symptoms, he or she should be checked by a doctor for a firm diagnosis before beginning treatment.

Those with chronic conditions, who are on medications, or who are pregnant or nursing a baby should consult a doctor before using a hemorrhoid suppository treatment. Although generally considered safe, it’s best to rule out potential drug interactions and other adverse side effects in these people. Other treatment options may be available for those advised against using suppositories.


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