What is a Heavy Duty Truck Tire?

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Considering the weight of most large trucks and the average miles each travels, it is not surprising that they typically need tires that can keep up. A heavy duty truck tire often is one of the best ways to keep oversized vehicles up-to-par, and usually is found on anything from tractor trailers and dump trucks to city buses and cranes. The tires that work well with such vehicles typically are larger and more rugged than the kind one would find on a passenger car.

A quality heavy duty truck tire can handle different types of terrain, which usually is essential for trucks that regularly make cross-country trips. Numerous trucks usually cross a few different states or small countries in just one day, each route with its own road surface. For this reason, the most successful truck tires typically can help prevent slippage on most types of road. Superior tire grip also can ensure that most trucks handle well in both wet and dry conditions.

Long trips often require more than just rugged tires. A heavy duty truck tire should last a long time, as well. Truck drivers usually have little time to spare, so a tire that leaks slowly and needs to be filled up often is a detriment. Additionally, tires that have to be replaced often can cost trucking companies money, which is why the kind outfitted with heavy duty rubber usually work best.


Traditionally, most large commercial trucks use dual tires, but some have started using just one particularly wide heavy duty truck tire on each axle hub. This is because many trucks need to be able to carry several pounds of cargo while staying under a maximum weight limit. The lighter the tire weight is, the more freight trucks can carry, which is why fewer or lighter tires that still are durable typically are a preferred option for many trucking companies. One drawback of this choice is that single tires typically cannot be driven on after they go flat, unlike in the case of dual tires.

Choosing the best heavy duty truck tire possible is important, partly because most trucks have many more than four tires. In fact, some have up to ten, which makes tire selection a big decision. Many truck tires on the market offer similar benefits, such as durability and excellent grip. Tire companies now often attempt to set themselves apart by offering tires that also are fuel-efficient and as quiet as possible for the ultimate truck driver comfort.


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