What is a Healing Wand?

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A healing wand is tool used by some alternative and complementary health practitioners to assist with various folk methods of healing. This tool, which is usually stick-like in appearance, may be made from copper, wood, crystals and gemstones, or other materials. The healing wand should not replace other medical treatments if they are needed.

Healers may use the healing wand with the intention of moving energy through the body or aura, which is the energetic layer surrounding the body. Though use of the wand isn’t necessary to move the energy, it can make the process easier and more effective. Wands can assist the practitioner and the patient in setting their intentions for healing. The healing may be physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Although the wands are often held over the body, at times they may be used with massage or reflexology. When the healing wand is used in massage, the tip should be rounded so that it can glide comfortably over the skin. A wand used for reflexology may have a pointed tip to more easily apply pressure to the specific reflexology point.


Crystals are thought to have various healing properties depending on the type. For use in crystal healing, the stone may be fashioned into a wand. Clear crystals are believed to magnify thoughts, energies, and the power of other crystals. They balances energies and are useful when it is unclear which other types of crystals may be best to use. These are also favored by beginners when using crystals for healing because they benefit many different conditions.

The gemstone rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra, and it can be used for both cardiac and fertility conditions, among others. Purple amethyst is a calming stone that promotes sobriety, spirituality, and intuition. Hematite is a gem that is thought to posses properties that aid with courage, focus, and stability. A few of its properties include supporting blood supply, iron absorption, and the kidneys. All three of these stones are popular choices for gemstone healing wands.

Along with stones, metals also may be used in a healing wand. Noted for its use in treating rheumatism and arthritis, copper is frequently used in healing wands. It is also thought to amplify the effects of other healing crystals and gems.

Users may find using a healing wand to be relaxing. It can help set intentions for healing, and it may be comforting. The effects of healing wands have not been well-studied, so use of a healing wand should not replace other medical care.


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