What is a Healing Spell?

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A healing spell is a ritual or incantation believed to bring about relief from illnesses. This alternative method of healing is often practiced by individuals with a strong trust in magic and magical philosophies. Individuals involved in traditional medicine might also encounter healing spells, depending on their cultural heritage. A healing spell is often done with the assistance of herbs, symbols, or other items believed to possess healing power, although it is not unheard of to perform a healing ritual without them. Despite arguments from medical professionals that the benefits of healing spells are largely psychosomatic, a number of individuals who have been the recipient of such rituals testify to their effectiveness.

Multiple belief systems traditionally prescribe healing spells for curing diseases, but Wicca stands out as the most popular. A Wiccan healing spell can involve multiple reagents to draw healing power from, including crystals and stones. Other spells heal through the intervention of certain deities or mystical beings channeled through incantations and offerings. Rituals to summon the aid of these beings often involve candles, incantations, and inscriptions.

Other religions and traditions possess their own forms of healing spells. Certain schools of Christianity, for example, conduct faith healing rituals believed to remedy a host of ailments through the power of the religion's holy beings. A number of Buddhist sects, on the other hand, practice reiki, or healing through the manipulation of bodily energy.


The spiritual nature of healing spells allows for their adaptability into different belief systems. It is not uncommon, for example, for a Christian to attempt a Wiccan healing spell, although this generally implies a lack of fundamental belief in either or both faith systems. Many individuals choose to include practices from multiple belief systems into a single paradigm, allowing themselves to choose from a variety of healing spells at their disposal. For these individuals, the power of a healing spell is usually seen as a function of universal spirituality rather than dogmatic belief in a single religion.

A healing spell is believed to provide relief from a wide variety of ailments, including migraines, colds, and fevers. Some spells are even believed to cure more serious medical issues, such as cancer and paralysis. This has brought about many objections from medical science, as there is no empirical evidence for the effectiveness of a healing spell. Medical professionals worry that a healing spell acts as a placebo, leading the patient to believe that the spells are working despite no evidence of physiological improvement, effectively leaving the actual illness untreated.


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A healing spell most likely comes from people who knows voodoo, but there's nothing actually evil about it, but you can't be fooled because it's trickery.

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