What is a Healing Retreat?

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A healing retreat is a calm yet structured environment in which an individual can address health concerns of the body, mind, and spirit. They can take many forms; there are yoga retreats, meditation retreats, ayurvedic medicine retreats, and Christian prayer and study retreats. Each type of retreat employs unique methods of healing. Most healing retreats are held in serene surroundings, such as woodlands, mountains, or by the sea.

At a yoga healing retreat, practitioners learn and apply the ancient physical and spiritual exercise of yoga. Yoga aims to integrate the body and mind through body movements, which can range from gentle postures to more demanding poses. A typical yoga healing retreat will find attendees practicing yoga for several hours a day, interspersed with periods of relaxation, meditation, and other healing options such as massage or one-on-one instruction with a yoga teacher. These retreats help individuals deal with physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that necessitate healing.


Meditation retreats are a type of spiritual retreat in which an attendee is given ample time to sit quietly in meditative contemplation. This kind of healing retreat could be associated with any number of religions, most commonly Buddhism, Christianity, and Paganism. At a meditation retreat, individuals follow a schedule of meditation; many retreat centers offer alternate periods of sitting and walking meditation over the course of a typical day. Attendees may also benefit from talks led by an experienced teacher, private consultation with instructors, and down time to relax and rejuvenate. A meditation retreat is commonly conducted in silence except for those instances that require communication with a teacher.

Ayurvedic medicine is a traditional Indian healing practice that is widely esteemed as a form of alternative medicine. The approach deals with treating physical, emotional, and spiritual issues through recognition of the body's elemental energies. At an ayurvedic healing retreat, an attendee will discuss with seasoned experts the best methods to treat his or her illness, the appropriate herbs to take, and the corresponding yoga poses that can facilitate healing. An individual traditionally has access to further ayurvedic healing modalities, including ayurvedic massage, herbal steam treatments, and detoxifying programs.

A Christian retreat commonly involves healing through prayer and Bible study. Those who attend this type of healing retreat may be battling conditions of the body or emotions, or in the need of spiritual support. The exact details of a Christian retreat will vary by denomination, but nearly all implement programs of healing through prayer, study, meditation, and communion with like-minded believers.


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