What is a Healing Necklace?

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A healing necklace can be worn as a treatment in alternative medicine and is made with stones or magnets that are thought to have special restorative powers. A combination of certain stones worn constantly in a necklace may bring about healing. Others may relieve pain or increase energy. Crystals, lapis lazuli, malachite, garnets, and emeralds are just a few of the many healing stones that are claimed to have their own specific properties and powers.

The most powerful type of healing stones are said to be crystals. These stones form natural elongated points and can be worn alone or with other stones. Crystals are said to greatly increase the power of other stones when worn alongside them. They are thought to improve or cure just about any condition. Wearing a healing necklace made with crystals is said to help regain health after illness, to ease depression, and increase mental clarity.

Healing necklaces made with stones such as lapis lazuli or malachite are meant to bring out hidden diseases so that they can be cured. Rose quartz and amethyst are added to necklaces with these stones to encourage the healing of these diseases. Amber may also be added because it is said to help reduce stress, relieve pain, and bring about an overall feeling of wellness.


Garnet is often used in another type of healing necklace component. This stone is added for its supposed ability to heal the heart, thyroid, and spleen. Garnets are also worn to improve problem skin and to purify the blood.

Emeralds are also worn in healing necklaces and may to be able to rejuvenate major organs affected by disease. They are employed not only to heal the body, but the mind as well. A necklace made of emeralds might give the wearer a feeling of vitality and good health.

Magnetic healing necklaces have been around for years, and some people swear by their health benefits. They are worn to increase the blood flow within the body, which helps to flush away toxins and increases oxygen in the blood. This in turn helps the body to heal and recover from disease and illness. The negative magnetic field from these necklaces is also said to greatly relieve the pain of arthritis.

Wearing a healing necklace may or may not be beneficial. Unlike many forms of alternative medicine, however, wearing one appears to be harmless and has no side effects. Most of the stones that are used are quite beautiful, so wearing a healing necklace may actually improve the mood and encourage a positive attitude.


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Post 3

I believe in the power of stones to heal people. I believe many problems can be resolved this way, whether they are physical or psychological. Stones can also be worn for protection from negative energies.

I used to have my doubts about healing necklaces and other jewelries until I found out that many religious texts and leaders talked about the power of stones. Many religions mention and use stones for protection from illness and jealousy. Wearing these stones on the body in a manner that allows the stone to touch the skin at all time can be immensely helpful.

The only downside to this wonderful practice is that many healing stones are expensive and some people use them to make money off of people who sincerely need help and are looking to heal themselves.

Post 2

@literally45-- I'm not an expert on this topic but as far as I know, tourmaline is a great gemstone for these types of health problems. Tourmaline comes in a variety of colors though. Red and green tourmaline is beneficial for the thyroid, tourmaline quartz is beneficial for hernias and green tourmaline may be used for diabetes. Your friend should wear all three types as a gemstone necklace or other type of jewelry to treat all of these issues.

Topaz is another great gemstone with healing properties that may help with metabolic and hormonal issues. But do your own research because like I said, I'm not an expert. I'm just very interested in healing stones and try to read about


Also, if you decide to buy gemstones, please read about how to care for them. Other people should not be touching a personal gemstone as it carries energy specific to that person. There are also ways to periodically "neutralize" gemstones to get the most benefits. Make sure to read up on these topics as well.

Post 1

What type of healing necklace is best for someone with health problems like diabetes, hernia and thyroid problems? Which healing gemstones should she wear?

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