What is a Headboard Slipcover?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

A headboard slipcover is a form-fitting cover that is used to change the look of a headboard quickly and easily. This type of accessory makes it possible to update the décor of the room without the need to use paint or strip the finish from the headboard. Typically, the slipcover is constructed with some type of fabric or leather material and filled with some type of cushioning such as foam or batting.

Slipcovers are used to dress up an otherwise plain headboard.
Slipcovers are used to dress up an otherwise plain headboard.

There are a number of reasons why people use slipcovers on headboards. In some cases, the headboard slipcover is utilized as a means of dressing up a somewhat plain headboard, giving the room a different look and feel. At other times, the slipcover is a quick way to conceal a headboard that is constructed with materials that clash with the new décor. For example, a slipcover may ease the harsh lines of a metal headboard, using color and the texture of the cover to achieve the desired effect.

It is not unusual for people to purchase and use more than one headboard slipcover in a bedroom. This approach makes it possible to change the look of the room as the seasons change, or whenever the owner wishes to change spreads or comforters. Since the covers are typically easy to slide onto the existing headboard, the task of giving the room a fresh appearance every so often requires little effort.

A headboard slipcover is a great way to update children’s bedrooms as they grow. For a young child, patterns and colors on a fabric headboard cover can reflect the child’s favorite toys, sports, or music heroes. As the child enters the teen years, the headboard slipcover can be changed for something more in keeping with his or her emerging tastes. Once the child has left for college, parents can easily convert the space into a guestroom by changing the headboard cover to something that is more neutral and appropriate for guests.

While it is possible to purchase slipcovers for headboards, many people choose to create their own. This makes it very simple to coordinate the patterns and colors with other elements in the space, such as sheeting, bed coverlets, or the draperies. Many fabric stores offer material that is already padded, making the task of cutting and sewing a simple cover relatively simple. Patterns for making different designs and patterns of headboard covers are often sold in fabric shops, and are also available for download from a number of web sites.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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