What Is a Hard Hat Hair Dryer?

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A hard hat hair dryer, also known as a hard bonnet hair dryer, is a piece of equipment, often found in salons, that evenly dries hair. Dome-shaped and made with a plastic shell, hard hat hair dryers do resemble the construction safety hats. In a salon, patrons are likely to find a hard hat hair dryer fixed onto a chair so they can comfortably read a magazine or receive a manicure while their hair is drying. There are portable versions, however, that can be moved around a room on wheels, and people who have bought one for their home may place it in any convenient area.

The hard hat hair dryer works by evenly blowing hot air around the user’s head. It is popular because it is less harsh on the hair and more efficient than conventional hair dryers. Hard hat hair dryers are especially effective for drying hair while it is set in curlers. Ionic hard hat hair dryers work well for curly or frizzy hair because they break up the size of the water molecule on the hair, but allow the hair to reabsorb it. The hair retains more moisture than it would under a regular hard hat hair dryer, allowing it to maintain its curl rather than drying out and frizzing.


When buying a hard hat hair dryer for home use, there are several things to keep in mind, including price. Hard hat hair dryers can be purchased at various price points, although lower-end models will certainly give consumers fewer options than higher-end models, so it’s also important to consider other factors to make a good purchasing decision.

Not all models are portable, nor can all models be mounted anywhere. Some hair dryers are designed to be mounted on a desk, others on a wall, and still others can be moved from room to room. Deciding where the consumer is most likely to do most of her hair drying will be helpful in making this decision. For example, some women might want a wall-mounted version that they can set up next to their vanities. Women who have young children might want the flexibility of a portable hard hat hair dryer so they can keep a close eye on their kids.

Another factor is hair type. Buying a hard hat hair dryer with an ionic option or buying a completely ionic dryer would be more important for women with dry or curly hair. Size also matters. Women who primarily use their hard hat hair dryers to set styles that require curlers will need a larger dome than women who don’t use curlers.


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