What is a Hands-Free Headset?

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A hands-free headset is a telephone headset designed to allow a person to talk on the phone while keeping his hands free. A person who works in a call center or as a receptionist may use this type of headset. In such a situation, he may have to answer the phone, make calls, and talk on the phone almost constantly. A hands-free headset can help him to do his job without constantly having to pick up and hang up the phone.

Hands-free headsets can be good for situations in which a telephone cord might get in the way. For example, if a person has to walk around a room or reach for files, a wireless hands-free headset can allow for optimum mobility. Likewise, these types of headsets don't have cords to plop into coffee mugs, pull out of walls and phones, or develop annoying tangles.


Often, hands-free headsets are used by people who want to talk on the phone while driving. These headsets allow people to concentrate on driving and keeping their hands on the wheel, without worrying about holding on to a headset. There are both wired and wireless headsets for this purpose, but wireless headsets may be the most practical for use in a car. Hands-free headsets can be particularly helpful in avoiding accidents while trying to talk on the phone and drive at the same time. Some places even have laws against talking on a cell phone while driving, unless a hands-free headset is used.

There are some important things to consider when you are buying a headset, especially when it comes to using cell phones. If you choose a wireless headset, compatibility may not be an issue, as most of these just plug into the audio jack of any type of phone. However, it's still a good idea to research compatibility before you buy, as some phones require certain types of headsets or use unique jacks for plugging headsets in.

If you want to use a wireless headset, it's a good idea to contact the manufacturer or look through the phone documentation before you buy. Certain wireless headset models may not be compatible with the type of phone you own. While you may be able to return it to the store later, electronic device returns are not always easy and smooth.

You'll also want to consider headset styles. There are over-the-ear headsets that usually hook over your ear, with listening devices positioned over the opening of your ear. With an in-ear model, the listening device sticks in your ear. The way this works is similar to using ear buds for listening to music. There are also headsets that fit over your head in a similar fashion to headphones.


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