What is a Hallway Runner?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

A hallway runner or hall runner is a type of carpet suited in size to cover and protect the floor of a hall. Some people also have stair runners, which are placed on top of staircases, and usually require special installation to make sure the carpet doesn’t slip under people’s feet and cause accidents. The hallway runner doesn’t necessarily have to be attached to the floor in the same manner, and many simply place the carpet down with some carpet padding or a non-slip carpet pad underneath it.

Some extend hallway runners to staircases.
Some extend hallway runners to staircases.

When halls are part of the entrance to a home, a hallway runner can be an ideal decorating tool. Varying styles and designs mean that the carpet can be chosen for its coordination with other home décor, and especially for any room into which the hall leads. A large hall leading into an open family room or living room can have a hallway runner that coordinates with a rug of the same type. In fact people often purchase larger rugs and runners that match for this purpose.

On the other hand, some people simply want carpeting for a hall to avoid having to step on bare floors of linoleum, wood or tile, especially in the night when the floor is cold. A runner of appropriate length can help avoid this issue and is usually less expensive than wall-to-wall carpeting. Halls that lead to bedrooms may be particularly suited for hallway runners.

The hallway runner doesn’t have to cover a bare floor. Some people prefer to place them on carpeting to protect the carpet. Halls that have high traffic, like those that lead to popular rooms in a home or at house entrances, can quickly end up with very worn carpet. Having a runner to protect the carpet can be a good investment.

Shoppers will find hallway runners in numerous styles and types. They range from those that are highly decorative and modern to classic wool runners that are hand spun. Runners can be made out of remnant carpet that is finished on all sides, which can relatively inexpensive. Very high quality remnant carpet can be used for this purpose to provide elegant runners in almost any color or pattern a person chooses.

One potential problem to using any unattached rug is the ability for the rug to slip under people’s feet or to trip them. When halls are high traffic areas, it can make sense to be sure the rug is suitably secured to the floor. There are a number of methods for attaching a hall runner to other carpet or to a slippery floor. Some people still have trouble and find that these carpets tend to bunch up. Look for advice from carpeting stores or home supply and hardware stores for keeping a hallway runner securely in place.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

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