What Is a Halal Steakhouse?

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A halal steakhouse is a type of restaurant that specializes in steaks, but also operates in accordance with Islamic law. This does not mean the restaurant is aimed specifically at Muslim customers, but it does mean that the food offered is acceptable to them. The laws concerning food production cover not just the ingredients used, but also the means by which the animals providing the meat are slaughtered. Halal restaurants are not to everyone’s taste, but provide many of the same dishes as other steakhouses across the world.

The main consideration of the traditional beef steak in a halal steakhouse is the means by which the cow is slaughtered. According to Islamic law, the animal must be blessed and then slaughtered by a Muslim, Jew or Christian. Furthermore, the animal must have its neck slit and must be allowed to drain of as much blood as possible before the meat can be processed.

Providing the cow has been slaughtered in the correct manner, any part of its meat may be used in dishes. Steaks in a halal steakhouse vary little from those in other steakhouses because the ingredients are largely the same. The only banned ingredients are pig products, blood, carrion and alcohol. In addition to these, the steak must not be friend or cooked in oil made from pig fat.


As well as the main cuts of beef steak, the halal steakhouse will sell a number of other foods as well. These include appetizers and side dishes. Such dishes may contain poultry, lamb and seafood as well as beef. Any dishes featuring cheese must be made using halal cheese as rennet, pepsin and lipase are also banned. Any dish that is certified vegetarian will also be halal.

In order to be completely halal, the steakhouse will have to have a no-alcohol policy. This means avoiding alcohol during the cooking process in addition to not selling alcohol to customers. Many steakhouses that prepare the food in the correct manner can still be considered halal if they sell alcohol on the grounds.

In terms of décor and architecture, there are no specific rules. This means the natural variation of steakhouses remains, though the halal steakhouse may try to create a Western theme. Each halal steakhouse will advertise that it is fully halal-compliant and will have a certification to prove it.


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