What is a Hair Weft?

Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

A hair weft is an extension of the hair designed to make one's hair appear thicker or longer. This type of hair piece is particularly popular among teenagers and young adults, though they are accessible for most ages. Both synthetic hair pieces as well as human hair pieces are used to make hair wefts.

Hair wefts are often worn by actors for stage productions.
Hair wefts are often worn by actors for stage productions.

Another term often used in place of hair weft is hair curtain. This is due to the curtain-like appearance of the weft itself. Unlike many other types of hair extensions, hair wefts are usually long sections of hair that are glued to the scalp or attached in another manner. Though many hair wefts are straight, they are also available in wavy and curly textures.

Hair extensions come in curly or straight strands.
Hair extensions come in curly or straight strands.

Wefts are typically available in most lengths desired. If made from human hair, a hair weft may be cut, straightened, dyed, curled, or treated otherwise as real hair. Some synthetic wefts may be treated similarly, though others may break down or yield results other than the ones intended, such as discoloration.

Hair extensions can be sewn or braided into or clipped or bonded to naturally growing hair.
Hair extensions can be sewn or braided into or clipped or bonded to naturally growing hair.

Many people apply hair extensions for long-term use. Though a hair weft can be used repeatedly for long-term use, it can also be attached as a temporary application. Some people use hair wefts as such for party costumes, theater performances, and other short-term needs. Most hair wefts cover a limited area of the scalp, hence many people opt to purchase four to six wefts to create a uniform appearance.

Most customers who use a hair weft for long-term needs prefer very realistic or human extensions. High-quality hair wefts made from real human hair are known as remy hair. Remy hair retains its cuticle layer from its original host, making it appear more natural than synthetic or damaged hair. Bases for hair wefts are sealed with a coating, such as polyurethane.

There are several different methods used to attach a hair weft to a person's hair. One of the most common methods is applying a special glue to the hair. This method can cause a health concern, however, as many hair glues contain formaldehyde and other potentially hazardous chemicals.

Double-sided tape adhesive designed just for hair wefts is also available. This adhesive material can typically last for up to two weeks. Handmade hair wefts may require a skin weft application. This is done through a skin weft sealer tool, which has a similar appearance to a hair straightener. Hair weft removal products are also available.

Hair extensions may be particularly beneficial to individuals experiencing severe hair loss.
Hair extensions may be particularly beneficial to individuals experiencing severe hair loss.
Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

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I live in Austin, Texas and had my full head of wefts made purely from human hair put in for an installation fee of $200. I bought a full bag of 18" wefts for $90 at a local beauty supply shop. So for $290 I had a full head of weft extensions that loom absolutely amazing and I have had them for three months now! I went to one salon and they quoted me $1200-$1600 for the exact same thing! The girl I go to is absolutely amazing!

I go in once a month to get them tightened for $20 which is a better deal than you will ever get! I am very picky about my hair and did not want to look like a fake Barbie and I don't! It looks completely natural and I love it!


@geekish - I am no hair expert, so I would say the best way to figure out your hair extension and/or hair weft questions is to go to an up-scale salon and ask a hair-dresser there.

In most situations, a person who specializes in whatever particular field you are questioning will have the answers you need. Usually if the professional does not have your answer, they will know someone who will know the correct answer.


Is it just me, or does putting glue on your scalp seem a bit drastic of a measure to have an unnatural hair extensions/wefts in one's hair? I think I may one day try the hair wefts/extensions where they use double-sided tape or clips to attach the extra hair, but not any sort of glue, not even glue specifically made for your scalp.

How would you go about getting hair extensions or hair wefts for the first time, if you did not want anyone to notice? Do you just start with a little extra hair, and then gradually move up to more hair? This seems like the only way people who see you on a regular basis will not know that you have added hair extensions or hair wefts.

Any other ideas on how to make the transition to hair extensions or hair wefts less noticeable?


I have very fine hair, so I know how difficult it can be growing up in a society that makes such a big fuss over outward appearances. I can remember people even going to the extreme to tell me I should try Rogaine, the product for thinning hair, in middle school no less. I am sure back then I would have loved to have hair extensions or hair wefts, but now I am glad I never had them.

I actually have grown to appreciate my fine hair over the years. It only takes me a little while to blow-dry my hair, or even to have my hair dry naturally it does not take all day like some people's hair does.

Don't get me wrong, I do have bad hair days, along with low self-esteem days too. These are days that I wish I had all kinds of money, so I could at least feel good about my outside appearance. The more time you spend worrying about your outer self, the less time you have to work on the inner you, which is most important. I prefer to be as real as possible on both the inside and outside.


@Sarah007 - It can be hard to get someone to tell you an exact price on hair extensions. I do know if you are going to have it done right, that you can expect to pay up to hundreds of dollars.

My son had a girlfriend who had beautiful long blond hair. She always got compliments on her hair everywhere she went. She lived close to New York and would take the train to New York every so often to get her hair extensions.

She never told me exactly how much it cost her every time, but I know it was a lot more than what I would want to pay. I will say that it looked very professional and you couldn't tell they were extensions.

My advice would be if this is something you are interested in doing, make sure the person knows what they are doing. You don't want to spend a lot of money to find out they are not very experienced at it.

If you are seriously thinking about getting hair extensions weigh the pros and cons, and spend the extra money to have it done by a professional if you decide to go ahead with it.


How much does it cost to get weave hair extensions?

I haven't been able to find any solid hair extension prices and was wondering if someone could tell me a bit about their experience getting them. I've seen everything from $4.95 cheap clip-in hair extensions to ones that cost hundreds of dollars online.

I have very short hair at the moment, probably around three inches long and I would really like to get curly hair extensions that would flatter my face. I am OK with either synthetic or real hair, as long as it looks good.


@manykitties2 - I think that whether you choose something like weft Remy hair extensions or the more expensive individual hair extensions really depends on your budget. With weft extensions they are put in much quicker, so they require less of a stylist's time to make you look pretty. The individual strands can take hours to put in, but do give you a more natural look.

If you are looking for a short term solution you may even want to try some cheaper clip in human hair extensions. That way if you decide you don't want to sleep with the longer hair you can just hang it up until the next day.


I've been considering getting extensions for a while now as my own hair is really damaged and needs to be cut. I made the mistake of bleaching my hair out and am seriously considering dyeing it back to brown and cutting it short to get rid of my fried hair.

Do you think that weft hair extensions or individual strand hair extensions are a better way to go?

I have already decided that I want human hair extensions because I want my hair to look as natural as possible while it grows out. I have learned from my mistakes and will never bleach my hair again, but until then, I need some hair extension pieces.

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