What is a Hair Masque?

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A hair masque is a deep conditioning treatment for the hair. It is not used every day, but is applied once every week or two to add moisture to hair, prevent frizz and breakage, and make hair soft and shiny. There are many different masques available, and it is also possible to make one at home with items found around the house.

Typically, hair masques contain deeply conditioning and moisturizing ingredients, including shea butter, avocado oil, botanical and fruit oils or extracts, and vitamins, among many others. A hot oil treatment is one type; in this type of treatment, warm oil is applied to the hair to make it soft and moisturized. Masques can be useful for people with any type of hair, but those with dry or color-treated hair often find them especially beneficial. Those who have oily hair can still make use of one, but it may be a good idea to do the treatments less frequently, such as every two or three weeks.

A hair masque should be applied to wet hair, which will allow the nourishing ingredients to better penetrate. In general, people who are using one may want to apply the treatment while out of the shower, because most masques will need to sit on the hair for quite a while. Some must be left on the hair for 30 minutes for the full benefits.

Users should be sure to thoroughly coat all of the hair for the most benefits. It may also be a good idea to apply a plastic bag or shower cap to the hair while the treatment is in place. This can prevent dripping as well as encourage further conditioning through the build-up of heat under the plastic. After the designated time has elapsed, the masque should be thoroughly rinsed to prevent hair from becoming greasy.

Hair masques are typically much more expensive than other conditioning treatments for the hair, and frequently come in smaller containers. For that reason, many people choose to make their own deep conditioners at home, using ingredients such as avocados, mayonnaise, egg whites, and olive oil. There are many recipes that can be found by searching online, all using natural ingredients found in the kitchen. Otherwise, hair masques may be purchased in drugstores or salons, or ordered online.

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Post 9

I am all for healthy shiny hair but am wondering if a hair masque will leave my hair too greasy? I have oily hair and would think that a hot oil treatment would just make my hair too greasy. Anyone have any good hair tips for a hair masque for oily hair?

Post 8

The nice thing about using a hot oil treatment at home is you can use just about any kind of oil you have on hand. I have used olive oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil and have had good results with all of them.

Some recommend you leave this on your hair for about an hour, but I don't usually have that much time. After putting the hot oil on my hair, I will wrap it in plastic wrap for about 20 minutes.

This really helps seal in the oil and is really moisturizing for your hair and scalp. If you suffer from dandruff or have a dry, itchy scalp, this treatment also helps with that. I have been amazed at how much healthier my hair is once I began using a hot oil treatment every few weeks.

Post 7

I go to the salon about once every 4 weeks for a deep conditioning treatment for my hair. I know there are probably cheaper home remedies that I can use, but I love being pampered. This is about 30-40 minutes where I can really relax and not have anyone bother me.

My hair is pretty dry and damaged from all the perms and color treatments I have used through the years. The hair masque help keeps it in good condition and gives it some shine. I don't plan on giving up using chemicals on my hair, so try to compensate for that by getting a regular hair masque.

Post 6

@pharmchick78 -- I love using avocado on my hair too, but I especially love it when I mix it with a banana too. All I do is combine a ripe avocado and banana with a little bit of olive oil and put this on my hair for about 30 minutes after I shower. This is a deep conditioning treatment for your hair that really leaves it feeling soft and smooth. The next time you have an avocado and banana that are too ripe too eat, mash them up and give your hair a conditioning treatment.

Post 4

My hairdresser said that after you color your hair is good to wait a week to use a hair masque.

Loreal has a masque that protects the hair coloring. It's really good.

Moroccanoil has a masque that I also love and also protects the hair coloring but is a little bit on the expensive side though. Good luck!

Post 3

I think that the best hair masque I've ever used is the moi moi hair masque. I really love the smell, but my bestie prefers the katira hair masque.

I guess its just a matter of personal preference...

Post 2

How soon after putting in hair coloring can you use a hair mask?

Somebody gave me a Loreal hair masque for my birthday, but I got my hair colored just the other day too, so I don't know when I can use it.

Does anybody know if you're supposed to wait after getting a coloring treatment before you use a hair masque?

Post 1

I love using hair masques -- you never realize how nice your hair can feel until you put an hair treatment masque on it.

My favorite is an avocado hair masque -- the fats from the avocado are great for smoothing your hair, and it smells good too!

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