What Is a Hair Dryer Holster?

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A hair dryer holster is an item that can hold and store a hair dryer. It can be used by hair stylists, grooming professionals or anyone else who desires to separate and organize hair styling tools. Although some hair dryer holsters are free-standing and flexible, others have to be mounted onto a flat wall. Special features can make the hair dryer even more accessible to its users.

Hair dryer holsters are popular among people who seek to easily organize their hair tools and products. Those who might find use in a hair dryer holster include professional hair stylists and even pet groomers. People who simply use their hair dryer often can also purchase a hair dryer holster for quick and easy access to their hair dryer. With a holster, one needs only to reach for the hair dryer at a comfortable arm level to begin working with it. A main benefit of using a holster is that it keeps a hair dryer in the same place, and there is no need for the cumbersome untangling of cords.


A hair dryer holster can be created out of a variety of materials. Many are made out of stainless steel, and others can be designed using chrome or satin nickel finishes. Some can be made out of more flexible material to allow for the manipulation of the holder. Some hair dryer holsters have size limits. If a hair dryer has an unusually large diameter, the owner might have to look into customization options for a wall-mounted hair dryer holster.

When a wall-mounted hair dryer holster is purchased from a store, it can come with a few tools to make mounting easier. It's not uncommon to find that a kit includes a mounting plate, an anchor and screws as well as the holder itself. Some kits can also come with special wrenches to complete the task of mounting the dryer to the wall. Though wall mounting can be self-explanatory for some, instructions can be included for homeowners to reference while installing the hair dryer holster.

Some hair dryer holsters can offer special features. For example, some holsters can give the user the option to store a hair dryer using either the barrel or the standard handle. Certain holsters can even be extend so that they can be positioned as needed when the hair dryer is being used.


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