What is a Hair Colorist?

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A hair colorist is a specialized expert in hair color. A hair colorist may work in a large salon, where it is his or her sole purpose to help clients select a hair color, and to create that hair color correctly. She might also work in a smaller salon where she performs other hair services as well, such as haircuts or perms. Either type of colorist will be able to do a good job in coloring hair.

A hair colorist's job is not simply to mix the hair dye and spread it on the hair. The colorist's job begins when the customer arrives in the salon. The customer will probably have an idea of the hair color that he or she is looking for, but if not, the colorist may be able to offer some advice for suitable colors. In addition, if the customer already has a color in mind, the hair colorist will be able to assist in selecting a particular shade that is flattering for the client's features, skin tone, and natural coloring.


A hair colorist will generally always be able to help a client select the hair color that is most natural. In addition, the colorist will be able to make sure that the customer's hair is healthy enough to accept hair dye, and that he or she won't end up with brassy, unnatural tones, or orange hair. A client will certainly not be happy with severely damaged hair that could easily have been avoided.

The colorist will also offer advice on highlights or low lights, as well as whether to use permanent or semi-permanent dye. Each client's needs may be different; one might want to change his or her entire appearance, while another may simply want to cover up grays or add a few subtle highlights. Some clients are more willing to do regular upkeep on their hair and hair color, and the colorist should take that into account as well before making a drastic change.

Additionally, a hair colorist may help the salon to sell products, such as shampoos, conditioners, or styling products designed for safe use in colored hair. A colorist needs to be able to be polite and personable while still being honest with her customers in order to be successful. Satisfied customers are more likely to come back and recommend friends. To increase skills and job prospects, a colorist may offer other hair services as well, such as hair cuts or fancy styles.


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Being a professional hair colorist sounds like it may be just as much, if not more important than the actual stylist for the hair. You could go in to a salon and get the cutest haircut but if you have a mousy hair color it really wouldn't be living up to it's full potential.

Having a great hair colorist is a must. Men and women can both change their hair color to give them a new look and a whole new feel. I know for me I love to lighten my hair up during the summer and darken back in the winter to play with the cool and warm tones. I love that my hair colorist likes to keep

me looking natural but I know some girls who love to make it fun and add red or sometimes do chunky highlights. In fact, I know one girl who sees her hair colorist every other month! She's had the same haircut since I've known her but rarely has the same hair color!

A hair colorist has to really know their stuff to give you the color and style you are looking for. They are in the business to make your hair look healthy and vibrant no matter what color you are after. Sometimes it is fun to just go to your favorite hair colorist and say, "Do something beautiful that you think would look pretty and natural." And let them use the creativity they trained for to give you a new look you maybe wouldn't have thought of on your own!

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