What is a Gzip?

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In computing, there are several compression programs available today. These programs are designed to shrink the size of files into an efficient compressed format. GZIP, also known as GNU zip, is file-compression software that is designed for multiple operating systems. It is freely available on the Internet and provides an algorithm for compressing files.

Compression software is a special program that converts text-based data into a binary format. This will typically reduce the size of a file significantly. The GZIP compression algorithm has a fair compression ratio as compared to other algorithms, but it is extremely fast. If compression speed is more important, GZIP may be a good option.

This software compression program is one of the most widely used programs. Other compression software includes WinZip®, 7-Zip, BZip, and advZip. 7-zip provides the best compression algorithm, but the performance is slower than GZIP.

The GZIP program was originally developed for the UNIX® operating system (OS). This software has special functions and formats that make it a good option for this type of OS. With the speed of this compression software, it is designed for applications that require quick compression and decompression.

Many web application use GZIP compression to speed up the processing of websites. Most web pages include large graphics, Flash® technology, and rich-context files. These large files and objects take significant time to download over a network. Web applications are faster with smaller compressed files.


Most Windows® users are familiar with the WinZip® program. This program contains a user interface that is used as a packaging tool to compress and archive files for Windows® computer systems. GZIP is significantly different from WinZip®. It is a command-line program that is typically used by software developers to compress files.

GZIP is a compression-only application. It does not include archiving or packing functions that are available in WinZip®. This is because the program is used for UNIX® operating systems, which use other programs and scripts for archiving purposes.

There are several tutorials available for GZIP on the Internet. These tutorials provide good examples and techniques on how to use the software. There are also several developer forums that can provide guidance on using this compression program.


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