What is a Gyro Exerciser?

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A gyro exerciser is a hand-held piece of fitness equipment that may help strengthen hand, wrist, and arm muscles. It is similar in size to a tennis ball and contains a gyroscope inside its outer shell. The gyroscope, a spinning wheel, picks up speed as the user maneuvers the equipment through subtle wrist movements. As a gyro exerciser is able to spin thousands of rotations each minute, the force required to both control and continue spinning the device may be a helpful tool in physical therapy or everyday strength training.

Gyro exercisers come in a variety of models. The most common is the hand-held ball with no attachments; however, some companies have added attractive colors and even light-emitting diode (LED) lights. Many of these attributes have no function other than that they are supposed to be aesthetically pleasing.

Sometimes, a gyro exerciser may come with one handle so that an individual may grasp the equipment like he is holding a dumbbell. Other models come with two handles on other side of the gyroscope. Both of these models could more easily allow a user to perform the same movements one might do in training with free weights.


Gyro exercisers are often recommended by physical therapists to patients with wrist problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. Only a low level of resistance is required to use a gyro exerciser. Any potential for pain and further injury are thus thought to be kept at a minimum.

The gyro exerciser is multifunctional in that there are many exercises one may do using the device. Simply holding it while the gyroscope is in motion may be enough to generate results. One could raise and lower the arms with controlled movement while keeping a gyro exerciser in the palm. Bicep and tricep curls, along with a wide variety of other upper and lower arm exercises, may also be performed while using this device.

Many consumers like the ease of use as well as the relatively low cost of gyro exercisers. Some manufacturers suggest that one may improve muscle strength by using the product for only five minutes each day. While that claim has not yet been fully tested, the gyro exerciser is somewhat easy to take and use anywhere one wishes to go. Several online retail outlets sell the different versions of this equipment. Those looking to add the gyro exerciser to their strength training routine may find helpful videos online for free that demonstrate many possible exercises.


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