What is a Gum Stimulator?

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A gum stimulator is a dental device used to maintain healthy gums by promoting circulation and removing plaque. It normally consists of a long handle to which a head with rubber tips is attached. The handle might be slightly curved or even round in some instances. The tip may be somewhat angled so a user can get to the back of the mouth easily. This instrument is typically used by persons who show signs of developing gum disease, such as gingivitis, in order to slow the development of the condition.

This device normally consists of a handle made of metal or plastic. This section may be rounded or curved in order to make it easier for a person to hold. There is normally a small head at the end of this handle with very short rubber tips placed closely together. The head may be angled around 45 degrees on some models, while others are slightly less angled.


In order to use a gum stimulator, a person might first want to brush his teeth and use dental floss. He can then grip the device and begin moving the rubber tips around in a circle at the gum line in order to stimulate this tissue. The patient can then work into the deep gum pockets of mouth before moving on to the next tooth. In order to effectively perform gum hygiene with this product, both upper and lower gums on the front and back sides of the teeth should be worked in this manner.

During the process of using a gum stimulator, the patient should take care to rinse his mouth often. This is so he can remove any plaque that has been loosened. Special care should be taken not to rub irritated gums; if bleeding occurs, the gum massaging should be done lightly followed by swishing the mouth with hydrogen peroxide.

Many dentists recommend the use of a gum stimulator for their patients who are showing signs of developing gum disease. They might also suggest they use this product as a way to maintain healthy gums so they do not become affected by one of these disorders. This is because proper gum care and dental hygiene are key factors in preventing gum disease.

A gum stimulator might be given to a patient by his dentist, but these tools can also be purchased wherever dental hygiene products are sold. This is normally an inexpensive device that can easily be used by both young and old. Doing so could also contribute to a person's overall oral health, thereby preventing the need for costly dental work later.


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My gums were in pretty bad shape a few years ago, and I was afraid that I was headed for gum surgery or even tooth loss. My dentist recommended that I try using a gum stimulator along with regular brushing and flossing.

After doing this dental hygiene routine faithfully for several months, I was surprised at how much better my gums felt and looked. They continue to improve all the time. I feel that using the gum stimulator prevented my oral problems from getting much worse, and possibly even saved my teeth.

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Unless you have major gum disease, a soft toothbrush will work just as well as a gum stimulator for preventing gum disease.

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