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A groupie is generally considered an avid, often female, fan of a band or musical performer. The term derives from the female attaching herself to a group, the band. While the band is the group, the female is the groupie. Naturally, not all fans are groupies, and not all groupies are females. Further, there are now groupies of sports teams or players, actors, and oddly enough, high profile criminals.

Erotomania is a type of delusion where a person becomes convinced that another party is deeply in love with them, even if the two people have never actually met.
Erotomania is a type of delusion where a person becomes convinced that another party is deeply in love with them, even if the two people have never actually met.

A groupie is considered more intense about her adored celebrities than a fan. A fan might have all the albums and a few pictures of her favorite band. She or he might also attend all the band’s performances within reasonable distance to his or her hometown. A groupie tends to follow the band, perhaps almost touring with them. The groupie will attempt contact with the band, either conversational or sexual in nature, and may become an annoyance by virtually stalking band members.

Even famous sports players may have groupies.
Even famous sports players may have groupies.

Obsessive groupies will almost certainly involve themselves sexually with any members of the band including the roadies. Even if rejected, the groupie will usually keep trying with the goal of being considered part of the band, or important to a member of the band. The relationship of an obsessive groupie to a band is like a love relationship gone badly wrong. The obsessive groupie has little interest in anything but matters pertaining to the band.

A groupie can easily become delusional about her importance if offered sex by the musician she follows.
A groupie can easily become delusional about her importance if offered sex by the musician she follows.

Unfortunately, such groupies are also fueled by the “sex, drugs and rock and roll,” atmosphere of most popular bands and artists. With sex offered, and frequently drugs available, a groupie can easily become somewhat delusional about her importance. This type of relationship is well documented in Cameron Crowe’s film Almost Famous, where the lead groupie, brilliantly acted by Kate Hudson, overdoses on drugs after having been used and then rejected by the lead guitarist.

Based on Crowe’s real experiences as a very young writer, the film is a compassionate look at both men and women losing themselves in their casual use of each other, and their disregard for each other much fueled by excessive use of both alcohol and drugs. Crowe’s conclusion is that these temporary relationships are harmful and tragic. The groupie environment is one that hurts everyone associated with the band.

Not all musicians or groupies would necessarily take that stance. Many feel their experiences have been fantastic and wouldn’t change a thing. Pamela Des Barres novel I’m with The Band for example, is a positive look at the sexually charged groupie environment of the late 1960s and early 70s. The book is very frank and Des Barres does not spare the reader from excessive detail about her sexual escapades. The book seems more like bragging regarding a lifestyle, than an expression of regret for her choices. Many band members certainly take advantage of offers of sexual intercourse. Gene Simmons of KISS has claimed having intercourse with over 4000 women during band tours.

While there are still many groupies, a bit more caution now applies in the post HIV era. Some of the better musicians, like Freddy Mercury of Queen, died of complications from AIDs. It is certain that many years of unprotected sexual intercourse with multiple partners increased Mercury’s chance of contracting HIV. His death brought awareness to many musicians who have since attempted to reform their lifestyle, or to at least be more cautious in their approach to casual sex with groupies.

Groupies attend local performances of their favorite musicians.
Groupies attend local performances of their favorite musicians.

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Anyway, if someone sleeps with musicians, it is your choice and I don't judge you. I just wanted to share my point of view. Of course, a lot of women have this fantasy about sleeping with a rock star but in my case, I would not make it real unless it was for a true relationship.


I remember that some years ago, some rock star told me the name of the hotel where he was staying. I went the next day to see if I could get a picture with some band members, but now I see that maybe he wanted something else from me. I was so naive. We talked for a while and well, he was nice when I met him so I don't care about what he wanted because nothing happened between us.

Years later, I went to another hotel to get pictures with the band members who were in a band I love and waited for many hours there. I got some pictures, but I never wanted anything else. In fact, I just wanted to say hi and see them, and maybe talk with them for a few seconds.

I don't know. It's just my point of view, but I would like to be their friend because I think they are cool people, but I wouldn't sleep with any one of them for fun or for any other reason -- only if I had a real relationship with any rock star someday and I guess that that wouldn't turn me into a groupie.

Many people like to meet rockers and hang out with them, but just as friends because they may be well-known people but they are like anyone else. The only difference is that you can't meet them anywhere and it is harder to know them as real people. In fact, when you meet famous people in person, you realize that they aren't stars and that's really beautiful but you have to let them know that you just want a friendship.

I don't like the barriers that people put between fans and famous people because we are all the same, and no one is better. If a woman wants to sleep with someone, it's always her choice but be careful and don't let anyone play with your feelings ever. If something could damage you, don't do it. That world is not so different from our world in some aspects, but in others it is.

Remember that they travel so much. They come and they leave, so my advice is: if you're a teenager, wait for something real. Remember that these guys meet many girls and maybe they could be your friends, but remember that they are adults with more experience.


My first rocker sexual encounter was when I was fifteen years-old. I slept with a very famous drummer of a heavy-metal band from Great Britain. This was way back in 1982. I lost my virginity to this gorgeous, sweetie-pie (and very tall!) drummer and absolutely do not regret it. I'm 45 years old now and am still a raging groupie. Hell, I ain't dead yet! I love being a groupie and want to keep rockin'!


Also, there is no special important status above everybody else to being in a band. Deluded, entitled men use the term to justify sexual access to any woman. Disgusting.


This is a very male centric interpretation/delusion. The term 'groupie' is in itself male-defined, male centric and actually pretty offensive.


@Sunny923: What band was that? That's creepy.


I am seeing the drummer of my favorite band. He calls me a groupie. But I don't sleep with the rest of the band, and he clams I'm his only groupie. I really had no idea what a groupie was until I read this article. I don't like the term groupie. After all I'm 45 years old.


"Groupie" has become more of a derogatory term over the years, referring more to a sexually promiscuous fan whose only goal is to sleep with members of the band. Many young girls back in the day were more like "band aids".

They provided other, less scintillating services, for bands on the road, like laundry and sightseeing tours. Band aids were more like friends with benefits, not opportunistic prostitutes.

Whatever two consenting adults choose to do with their time is up to them, but the idea of procuring impressionable underage girls for sexual purposes should become more myth than reality. Rock stars are like gods to some adolescents, and adult members of a band should remember they *are* adults and leave the jailbait strictly alone.

A lot of veteran rockers are now old enough to have daughters at least that age, so they need to keep that in mind while on tour.


Sunny923, these people are predators. Stay away from them.


I'm 15 and I had the weirdest dream I was a goupie and a conplete slut. I had sex every night and barely wore anything. In real life, I'm a virgin and have a boyfriend in a cool band. What does this mean?


Musicians are to me are kind of like what strippers dressed in schoolgirl outfits are to many men. They just fulfill a sexual fantasy is all.

I go to the shows, I buy the records, I'm there for the music- first and foremost. I just happen to be surrounded by these tempting little morsels with their scanty attire, messy bed heads, devil may care attitudes, and electrically charged sweet serenades.

They're charming, exotic, and great in bed! But, they can only satisfy me so much. You know, that dude in that one band was standing there; with his bare and sweat drenched chest beneath a leather jacket, sly grin, and arms folded across his chest, he winked at me and it was like a jolt of lighting surged through my entire body- ugh.

I smiled, blushed, and walked away. It's like dude, you're so overrated!


I guess I would be considered a "groupie" I don't like that term, but I follow the band to every show, even hours away. I don't sleep with the entire band, just the guitarist! He's made it clear he sleeps with other girls and I'm okay with that. what do you expect from a 22 year old guy who has women throwing themselves at him?

I just enjoy the rush of hearing the music, fans screaming, thumping of the drums/bass, getting a buzz while it's all going on and then knowing when it's all over, when all the screaming girls leave, he comes home to me! It's almost "cute" to me to see all the women screeching and giggling over him, asking if he's dating anyone, while I sit back and watch, waiting on him.


@Anon64050: Run! And don't look back.


"I'm with the band." That is the saying i, and all groupies live by, because honey, it's the truth.


Well I am a young groupie, not so hardcore -- just obsessed. My friend did tell me that a groupie was a girl who sleeps with the band every night. Is this true? Because I'm only 13 and don't want to do that.


Musicians are so attractive.


this just happened yesterday but my ex-boyfriend is in some new band and he said "do you want to be my personal groupie?" What does that mean and i'm not even a teen yet but he is (13-12).


Just say no.


Take my advice sweetheart. run as fast as you can.


I know this sounds weird but this famous band (I won't say who) is inviting me to their hotel when they come to my town. Thing is though, I'm 15 and I'm a virgin and the lead singer actually referred to me as a groupie. Uhh... what do I do?

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