What Is a Grooming Box?

A.M. Boyle

A grooming box is a container in which pet owners keep supplies used to groom their pets. Most often, these boxes are held in association with dogs, cats, or horses, although a pet owner can fill a grooming box with accessories for just about any pet. The boxes can vary in size and style and are made from a variety of different materials.

A horse grooming box contains a hoof pick, among other items.
A horse grooming box contains a hoof pick, among other items.

Part of responsible pet ownership involves regular grooming. Oftentimes, pet owners skip the grooming routine because the accessories they need are lost, out of reach, or scattered in different places. A grooming box is designed to resolve this issue by keeping all grooming tools and accessories in one convenient location.

Nail clippers are often kept in a cat or dog's grooming box.
Nail clippers are often kept in a cat or dog's grooming box.

Most grooming boxes are portable and easy to carry. They vary in size, depending upon a pet owner’s particular needs and the size of the pet. A grooming box can be made of a variety of materials including wood, plastic, or metal. The interior of the box is usually compartmentalized, with different sections set aside to house particular grooming items. Inside, the box might be lined with a softer, feltlike material to keep a groomer’s tools from becoming damaged when the box is moved or jostled.

Generally, a grooming box has a closed lid that latches for security. Some might open from the top, while other, larger styles open at the side. Either way, the kits are designed to keep the tools from falling out when the box is moved. Some styles, especially those designed for larger animals, such as horses, have an open top, much like a bucket with various compartments, so that larger supplies can be easily accommodated.

The most common type of grooming boxes are those designed to carry supplies for dogs, cats, or horses. Generally, if the grooming box is used for a dog or cat, a person might pack it with items such as a soft bristle brush, a wire brush, and nail clippers. He or she might also include specialized items such as a fine-tooth comb for long-haired dogs and cats or saline eye drops for breeds that have issues with eye discharge. These types of boxes are usually made of hard plastic or metal, with latching lids or sides to keep all supplies neatly in place.

Horse grooming boxes are typically bigger than those used for dogs or cats. These boxes are designed to hold bulkier and more numerous tools, including three types of body brushes, a hoof pick, and a curry comb. Specialty items, such as hoof sealant spray, sponges, and tack wipes, can also be included. Many horse grooming boxes are the open-top type and are made of wood or sturdy plastic. Some closed-lid grooming boxes for horses are in the shape of a stepping stool and can be used to help the groomer reach the top of the horse’s body.

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