What is a Grill Grid?

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Sometimes referred to as a vegetable grill grid or a grilling grid, the common grill grid is used to prepare a number of foods that may be too small to place on a standard grill plate or rack. As a cooking tool that can be used with outdoor grills as well as in the kitchen oven, the grill grid is a great way to expand the types of food that is prepared by grilling.

The construction of a grill grid usually involves a base of stainless steel that is coated with a hard non-stick porcelain finish. This not only helps to ensure that foods will not stick during preparation, but also helps to make cleanup much easier. Three sides of the typical grill grid will include raised edges that help to keep the food on the cooking surface. The back side of most grill grids will feature a raised edge that is taller than the other three sides. The taller edge acts as a backstop for the grill grid, and allows the cook to easily slide under food and turn the items with a spatula. A series of small perforations in the bottom plate of the grill grid allow for a more direct contact with the heat generated by the grill, while still being small enough to prevent any food from dripping into the heating element.


Dimensions for the grill grid are relatively standard. Usually, the grids will be between sixteen to twenty inches in length and ten to fifteen inches in depth. This makes them ideal for use with just about any type of grill. Some models of the grill grid include handles, which make it easy to load the grill grid in the kitchen and then transport the loaded grid to the backyard grill.

Just about any type of solid food can be prepared using a grill grid. Small pieces of chicken, shrimp, oysters on the half shell, hot dogs, and hamburger patties can all be placed on a grill grid and prepared to perfection. Along with various types of meats and fish, vegetables such as ears of corn, asparagus spears, green beans and many others can be easily infused with flavor while cooking and steaming on a grill grid.

Cleanup of a grill grid is very easy, owing to the non-stick properties of the porcelain coating. Simple dish soap and water will often do nicely, and the grill grid can be placed in a dishwasher if desired.


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