What is a Grill Gazebo?

Misty Amber Brighton

A grill gazebo is an outdoor structure designed to house an informal kitchen. It typically holds a barbeque grill and tables, and possibly also shelves or benches. Most models are constructed of aluminum, steel, and canvas. The sides of the gazebo are normally open to allow smoke to escape. Some models may be permanently attached to a patio or deck, while others can be easily moved.

Grill gazebos typically have open sides to allow smoke from the grill to escape.
Grill gazebos typically have open sides to allow smoke from the grill to escape.

Standard grill gazebos are normally around eight feet (2.44 m) long and five feet (1.53 m) wide. Most models are between seven and eight feet (2.14 to 2.44 m) high. Some gazebos have adjustable legs, so the height can be modified to suit the individual.

The legs are normally made of steel or aluminum but may sometimes be iron. There are usually large feet at the end of these legs to keep the structure stable. The top of the grill gazebo is often constructed from aluminum, heavy canvas, or a combination of the two. It may be slanted or curved, depending on the model.

As this gazebo is typically used for cooking, the sides are open all the way around. Benches or shelves may be on one or both sides of the grill gazebo. These usually do not affect the amount of airflow throughout the structure.

A grill gazebo can have many different features. Some types have racks for hanging utensils or cookware. Ones that are more elaborate may have lights that are battery or solar powered, and some contain electrical outlets as well. Others may include a fire extinguisher or smoke alarm to help keep users safe.

Some homeowners elect to make this gazebo a permanent pavilion structure, while others may elect to move it from place to place. Permanent grill gazebos may have their legs set in concrete to keep them stable. They might also have a concrete or stone floor, while temporary units usually have a dirt floor.

There are many different models to choose from, many of which can be purchased at retailers that also sell patio furniture or barbeque grills. In the event a homeowner is unable to find one he likes, he might be able to have a grill gazebo custom made. These structures allow people to enjoy cooking and eating outdoors while protecting their grills from the elements. Purchasing one of these gazebos can be a good idea for people who enjoy entertaining in their backyard or patio.

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