What is a Griddle?

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A griddle is a specialized piece of cookware with a flat cooking area and a nonstick or carbonized surface. They are often placed over two heating elements of a range, sold as a separate electric unit, or installed as part of a commercial grill in restaurant kitchens. Griddles are usually used to cook pancakes, eggs, grilled sandwiches and other dishes requiring a large, flat cooking area.

Many foods traditionally cooked in a frying pan or electric skillet can also be prepared on a griddle. Professional cooks typically like them because they cook evenly and are accessible. Turning a pancake or grilled sandwich in a standard frying pan can be awkward, but cooks can easily slip a spatula under the food item on the large and flat surface of a griddle. It's even heating temperature allows for better presentation and consistent quality.

Certain foods such as pancakes and french toast respond much better in a griddle. Traditional cookware creates hot and cold spots, plus the sides of a frying pan can trap unwanted convection heat. A griddle allows food to brown evenly and release excess heat into the surrounding area. Frying pans may crowd food such as fried eggs, and the oil tends to pool around the food as it cooks. A good nonstick griddle does not require additional cooking oil, and food can be placed anywhere on the cooking surface to avoid crowding.


A quality griddle should feel sturdy, with a solid metal base for even heating. A nonstick coating is preferable for most applications, so examine the surface for any sign of poor coating application. Nonstick surfaces such as TeflonĀ® or SilverStoneĀ® are generally high quality brand names. Non-electric versions should fit over the stove top heating elements completely and securely. Electric units should allow for various heat settings and also feature a nonstick cooking surface. Griddles without nonstick coatings may have to be seasoned with oil, much like new cast-iron cookware. Those without a nonstick coating should develop a carbonized (blackened through use) surface which will reduce sticking. A few sprays of food oil such as Pam cooking spray should also help a griddle become seasoned.


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@sputnik - Do griddles really clean easily? That's my biggest worry about getting one. I read that they're great for multi-task type cooking; my aunt says that you can cook eggs, bacon and pancakes all in the same go on a griddle, and in large amounts.

How does a griddle work as far as oil draining goes? Bacon gathers a lot of grease when I cook it in a metal skillet, and I usually have to pause and pour it off in between batches.

Since a griddle is so flat, I don't know how the oil wouldn't go rolling off the sides...

Post 1

When cooking for a crowd a griddle will make the job much easier. When a griddle cooks evenly, is roomy and sturdy and cleans up easily, it can save both time and nerves. You might have to check some reviews to find out which one is the best.

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