What Is a Greeting Card Fundraiser?

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A greeting card fundraiser is a method that nonprofits and other groups can use to raise funds for a specific purpose, or to support the group in general. These fundraisers typically involve members of the group pre-selling greeting cards, stationary, wrapping paper, and other similar items to friends, family members and other people in the community. That money is then used to pay for the greeting cards and other items. A certain percentage of the money is kept by the organization that carried out the greeting card fundraiser, but the specific amount can vary widely from one program to another. Schools can participate in greeting card fundraisers to pay for field trips and equipment, and nonprofit groups often use these types of events to obtain necessary operating funds.

Fundraisers are campaigns or events that are designed to raise money to support either a cause or an organization. There are many different types of fundraisers, from charity dinners and auctions to the direct sale of merchandise. One popular way for schools and other organizations to raise money for various purposes is to pre-sell small, inexpensive items that are subsequently ordered in bulk and then delivered to the purchasers. These fundraisers can sell anything from cookie dough to wrapping paper, and make use of students or members of an organization to carry out the actual sales.


The purpose of a greeting card fundraiser, like other fundraising activities, is to obtain money for a specific purpose. Schools often use these fundraisers to buy for arts and sporting equipment that does not fit into their budgets, or to pay for field trips and other educational experiences. Youth sports teams sometimes sometimes sell greeting cards to pay for transportation to tournaments, or to buy new uniforms and other equipment as well. Various nonprofit groups and charities can also make use of a greeting card fundraiser to pay for their operating costs or fund various programs.

Since an organization needs to make a profit on sales in order to have a successful greeting card fundraiser, the goods are typically purchased from specialty vendors. Some traditional greeting card companies have fundraising programs, while other companies are set up specifically to facilitate these events. In most cases, a school or nonprofit organization will send away for promotional materials, and then use those catalogs and samples to pre-sell greeting cards and other items to their friends, families, and acquaintances. Money is accepted at the point of sale, and then used to pay for one large order from the vendor. All of the greeting cards are then shipped to the school or nonprofit, and must be delivered to the individual customers in order to complete the transaction.


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