What Is a Green Drink?

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A green drink is a drink that includes a number of different green vegetables that are thought to improve health when consumed on a regular basis. This type of drink is often considered a fast way to get a lot of nutrients into the body, but the benefits of this type of drink have been disputed. There are many different green drink recipes, but many involve juiced kale, spinach, cucumbers, and apples. Wheatgrass is another common ingredient in this type of drink. The potential benefits of a green drink depend not only on the ingredients but also on one's physical health overall, as this type of drink will not cure general poor heath.

In most juice bars and other stores that sell this type of beverage, a green drink is a type of juice or smoothie that is primarily made from the juice of green vegetables rather than fruit. Most people find that this type of juice tastes much better when processed through a juicer rather than a blender because this reduces the amount of solids in the final beverage. On the other hand, the drink contains more nutrients when the solid parts of the vegetable are left intact. When wheatgrass is used as a component of the drink, a special grinding juicer may be necessary.


The basic strategy used to make most green drinks involves first pressing the leafy green vegetables through a juicer designed to work with fruits and vegetables and then following these with enough apples and watery vegetables to made the juice drinkable. Apples are not necessary either for nutrition or color in this type of drink, but without apples, the juice has very little sweetness and can be very hard on the stomach. The precise ratios used to make this drink depend on the person making the beverage, but many people find that it becomes easier to include more and more vegetables over time, thereby increasing the nutritional value of the drink.

This type of drink is reported to have a number of benefits, but many people focus on the benefits to the colon and digestive system. It is thought that this type of drink is very useful in colon cleanses and may help relieve constipation. These same benefits can make a green drink very difficult to tolerate for people who are not used to eating many vegetables. Many of the benefits of eating the ingredients used to make this type of smoothie apply to drinking the ingredients as well, although some of the material is lost when a juicer is used. Some people include nutritional powders and liquids in the green drink in order to create a complete meal or supplement.


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