What Is a Grapefruit Martini?

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A grapefruit martini is an alcoholic beverage that combines vodka or gin with grapefruit juice. There are a few variations of the grapefruit martini, including the pink and the lemon varieties. The drink has become increasingly popular and can be garnished to suit individual taste preferences.

Grapefruit martinis have risen in popularity due to the health benefits associated with citrus fruits. The tart flavor provides a refreshing alternative to traditional martinis. Consumers are usually looking for new flavors to experiment with and grapefruit is one of them.

Antioxidant benefits associated with the consumption of grapefruit juice is one of the primary drivers behind the popularity of drinks such as the grapefruit martini. Grapefruit juice is also a well-known fat burner and has been incorporated into dieting regimens for years. The concentration of antioxidants in grapefruit juice is thought to be higher than that found in green tea. The juice can be bitter when consumed without sugar or a sugar substitute, but many of the mixed drink varieties incorporate several ingredients to mask the bitter strength of the juice and alcohol.

Recipes for the grapefruit martini vary, but the basic ingredients include vodka and some type of grapefruit juice. It is a drink that can be customized according to taste. If someone prefers more of a citrus flavor, he can add more juice. Some might prefer a stronger drink, so a grapefruit extract or adding less juice might suit.


A popular version of the drink is the pink grapefruit martini, which uses grapefruit vodka in addition to red grapefruit juice. The juice is responsible for the drink's pink color. Lime juice is also included in the drink so it is bound to be quite tart. Sugar and syrup are added to help soften the blow, with lime and grapefruit wedges added as garnishes.

The lemon grapefruit martini uses grapefruit vodka, lemon juice, lemon basil leaves, sugar and lemon wedges. Regardless of which version an individual tries, he is bound to find a mixture of sour and sweet flavors that will awaken the senses. Lemon crystals can be used in place of sugar to rim the martini glasses if desired.

Those who aren't sure whether they will acclimate to the taste of grapefruit might want to try a simpler recipe. The only ingredients are grapefruit juice, gin and ice. These are combined in a mixer and shaken. Garnishes are optional.


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