What is a Granite Fireplace Surround?

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A granite fireplace surround is an area of stone laid around a fireplace, along the sides, top and bottom, consisting of granite. Granite is one of the harder stones found in nature and comes from quarries all over the world, from such areas as Egypt, Brazil and Norway. This type of stone has a reputation for its ability to stand up to extreme hot and cold temperatures and is often found in cathedrals, palaces and many historical buildings. A granite fireplace surround usually does not require a great deal of maintenance and generally is resistant to both stains and scratches. Granite may have different patterns of stone with marble-like designs, or veins, in hues of black and gold, brown and red, or grey and blue.


Granite is an igneous rock composed usually of quartz, feldspar, and sometimes mica. This type of stone is sometimes chosen for a fireplace because of its unique quality, as each stone will have its own pattern and colors. Granite also is known for its grainy texture, which shows the crystals within the rock, or what is commonly referred to as veining. While some stones may be infused with warmer colors, etched with streaks of red or gold, others may offer veins that are striking in contrast, with darker tones of jet black, blue or silver. When installed, this type of stone will most likely draw attention to a fireplace, replacing the more traditional brick or tile surround with a more dramatic look.

Usually, a granite fireplace surround doesn’t require a great deal of care, and this kind of stone has a reputation for being durable, holding up under most conditions and retaining its quality. Granite, which has been used for years in churches, monuments, courtrooms and the like, may even be tough enough to outlast the life span of a home. Often, granite is a popular choice for a fireplace because it can be a practical, yet classic, way to showcase a fire.

When homeowners decide to renovate a fireplace, it may not be surprising that granite often is at the top of their list. In many homes, the installation of a granite fireplace surround may significantly change the atmosphere in a room, transforming an ordinary fireplace into an area where guests seek to congregate. This natural stone may add an almost exotic, regal glow to a traditional fireplace in a living room, den or bedroom.


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