What is a GPS Mount?

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Global positioning systems (GPS) have become a common electronic item since the dawn of the 21st century. These machines are wonderful for getting directions, and are frequently used by drivers in order to determine routes and figure out where they are and where they are going. As it is inconvenient and sometimes illegal to be playing around with an electronic device while driving, people now can purchase a GPS mount to aid their use of the device. A GPS mount can attach to a variety of surfaces and often has features to allow ease of use without distracting a driver.

An electronics store may be the best place to find a GPS mount, although they can also easily be purchased online. Each GPS mount is different, and visiting a store can allow the buyer to compare and contrast models and prices with considerable ease. Among the factors to consider when purchasing a GPS mount include compatibility, flexibility, and price.

Most GPS mounts are not universal; they are specifically designed to go with one brand or model of GPS. Before buying a GPS mount, take care to ensure that it is compatible with the GPS make and model of the owner. If shopping at an electronics store, bring the GPS device along to check that it fits correctly and functions properly with the mount. This can save the user a world of frustration and ensure that both the GPS mount and the device function correctly together.


Because GPS mounts are usually meant to be used in a car, it is important that they provide a stable platform that will not slide around and lead to breakage or even accidents. Some use suction-cups to firmly attach the device to the dashboard or windshield, while others can plug into the lighter socket or be bolted to the floor. Many feature swiveling necks so the GPS can be turned for easy use without causing additional distractions.

Additional features may be important when searching for a GPS mount. Some devices come with additional ports to plug in music devices or other electronics. Mounts may also feature a charging device to ensure the GPS doesn't run out of battery power. It is even easy to find mounts that feature attached cupholders to keep coffee or soda within arms reach of the driver.

Although GPS mounts can be both useful and improve driver safety, they can also be a liability. Unfortunately, the small size and high value of GPS devices make them an easy target for theft, and the presence of a GPS mount indicates that there is a GPS or other valuable property in the car. To prevent potential theft, consider getting an easily detachable mount that can be stored in the glove compartment when not in use.


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