What is a Gourmet Kitchen?

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A gourmet kitchen is a kitchen that focuses on the love of food and cooking. The home chef who enjoys cooking with the best ingredients and equipment thrives in this type of environment. It's a kitchen that meets the needs of the cook as well as expresses his or her style. Some elements to consider when planning such a kitchen include appliances and tools, sinks, walls, countertops and floors.

Hardwood or laminate flooring extended from the rest of the home into the gourmet kitchen can provide a very clean and contemporary look. The hardwood should be sealed, since water spills in kitchens can ruin the wood. Linoleum flooring is still popular in kitchens, as it's durable and long-lasting. Tile, stone and bamboo flooring choices are great for an exotic-looking kitchen.

Countertops should reflect the style of the gourmet as well as be a good match for what they'll be used for. Stainless steel counters are perfect for the contemporary cook who loves the industrial look of metal counters, but stainless steel should only be used on non-chopping areas. Stone countertops such as granite are expensive, but considered top-notch in a gourmet kitchen. Modern stone-look laminate countertops are popular and realistic looking, but may scratch and burn easily.


Wall color sets the mood in any kitchen. Warm colors such as terra cotta or red can help create a feeling of warmth, while cool colors such as gray or blue can give the feeling of efficiency. Thought should be given to the type of paint used as well. Acrylic paint is easy to wash clean and is usually a good choice for a kitchen that gets a lot of use.

Kitchen sinks are available in many materials today such as cast iron, copper and stone. The sink in a gourmet kitchen should coordinate well with the countertops and flooring to keep the overall flow of the cook's style going. Cooks who use a lot of water by the stove, to boil large amounts of water for cooking pasta, for example, may want to consider having a faucet installed near the stove.

Gourmet kitchens usually have top of the line appliances. Appliance features should be more than just attractive, but should be practical for the cook. For example, a range with a warming drawer under the oven with adjustable racks is ideal for the cook who prepares many dishes at once. The kitchen should have designated storage places for top quality equipment the cook uses, such as a good stock pot.


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Post 8

A gourmet kitchen is a kitchen that focuses on the love of food and cooking. It's a kitchen that meets the needs of the cook as well as expresses his or her style.

Interpreting these two lines to fit my cooking style, I have a gourmet kitchen. I do not enjoy cooking. My galley kitchen in my apartment is equipped with a basic electric stove and a frost-free fridge. I have several small appliances: a toaster oven, a microwave oven, and a George Foreman grill. These small appliances see more activity than my electric stove. This is my gourmet kitchen!

Post 7

You folks are kind of missing the point of what a gourmet kitchen is. It is a personalized space, set up, and stocked with what you cook and the way you cook. With the exception of versatile appliances, everything else is what you need and want to accomplish the mission. Anyone who tells you what you need in your gourmet kitchen is a gadget person that probably can't cook very well. It's your space, your love and your creations that make the space work which is why you never have anyone, other than you, design your kitchen.

Here's how I figure out what I need: I don't have an item I need to do a certain thing, so I go buy one. It's that easy!

Post 6
Obviously, you need to have a stove and an oven to have a gourmet kitchen. But what about more esoteric kitchen cooking gadgets?

Do I need a deep fryer and a stove top grill? What about some kind of steamer. When I think of a gourmet kitchen, I think of a kitchen that is equipped to make any dish under the sun.

Post 5
I would really like to update my kitchen to a gourmet kitchen, but I do not know how to do all the design and planning myself. Is there a consultant or some kind of professional that I could hire to help me make the arrangements?
Post 3

@ Parm&Parsley- As for your gourmet kitchen wares, you should consider at least purchasing a double set of pots and pans, and a rack to hang them on. You will often have two or three sauté pans or a few saucepans going at once so variety is key. Having a good rack to hang them on is a necessity as well. A good set of knives is a must as well.

You will need measuring cups, measuring spoons, cooking utensils (whisk, tongs, stick blender), and strainers. As for essential small appliances, you should have a food processor, a stand mixer with all the attachment, and a grill press (you may not need this if you follow highliter's advice on a


As for the orientation of your kitchen, an island is best if you cook and entertain. If you do all of your cooking in private, then it could matter less either way. Some like a back splash some like the openness of an island.

Post 2

@ parmnparsley- The type of gourmet kitchen gadgets you have will depend largely on the type of cuisine you like to cook, but there are a few basic appliances that every gourmet kitchen should include. A purist would tell you that a gas range is a must, but if your situation does not allow this you can find very nice induction ranges that can boil water in 90 seconds. The best ranges will also have a grill and six burners to allow for every type of cuisine. You can also find griddle inserts to use on the grill so you can make the perfect crepes for pancakes for your family or guests.

In my eyes, the range should be a

cook-top, and the ovens should be separate double convection ovens on the wall. This will allow your husband or wife to remove things from the oven without getting in your way when you are searing those delicate scallops. You will also need a large refrigerator with a large freezer. If you have the space, and you are looking to have the best kitchen in town, buy a residential walk-in refrigeration unit. These beasts will hold everything from the smallest dishes of pate to the tallest cakes.
Post 1

What type of utensils and appliances should I have in a gourmet chef kitchen? Also, what is the best layout for a gourmet chef kitchen? Is an island preferable or should I have the range against a wall with a back splash?

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