What is a Gooseneck Light?

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A gooseneck light is a type of lamp that is commonly placed on desktops. It is different from a traditional lamp, because a long and flexible section attaches the base of the lamp to the area that holds the light. In addition, the light does not include a removable lampshade. Rather, the entire lamp is made from one piece.

This type of light is particularly useful for those who need to adjust the focus of the light. Unlike a standard lamp that only shines light in one direction, a gooseneck can be bent and manipulated in order to shine the light in different directions. Then the light can easily be replaced to its original position when no longer in use.

A basic gooseneck light comes with just one light attached to the base. It is, however, possible to purchase a lamp with more than one light attached to the base. In this case, each light is attached to its own flexible section, so the user can choose to shine the lights in the same direction or in different directions.


Although a gooseneck light is most commonly associated with a desktop, it may also be installed over the headboard of a bed. In this way, one may choose to turn on the light in order to read while in bed or to perform other tasks. For couples, a lamp over the bed can be particularly helpful, as the light can be bent in such a way that it shines over only one person while reading in bed. This allows the other person to sleep without being disturbed by the light. One with two lights attached to it can also be helpful in this situation.

Gooseneck lights are available in a wide variety of colors and materials. While the most basic model is made from steel that has not been colored, they are also available in steel that has been painted in different colors. This allows the buyer to purchase one to match the d├ęcor of the home or office.


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As a church accompanist, I have found that a gooseneck lamp provides the most direct lighting on my sheet music. A regular desk lamp creates too many shadows on the page.

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