What is a Golf Towel?

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Golf towels are small towels that are utilized by golfers while actively participating in a round of golf. Usually made of materials that are highly absorbent, most brands of the golf towel are constructed to easily attach to a golf bag, thus ensuring they are readily available when needed. The towel is very similar to other types of sport towels, and serves the main function of providing the golfer with a way to quickly wipe the hands and face while advancing from one hole to the next. A golf towel is also handy for drying off clubs when playing in inclement weather.

A person playing golf.
A person playing golf.

One of the distinguishing features of the golf towel is the presence of a grommet in one corner of the material. When coupled with a bag clip, the grommet makes it possible for the towel to be easily attached to a convenient spot along the upper portion of the golf bag. This makes it easy for the golfer to disengage the towel for quick use and then quickly secure it to the bag for use later in the game.

A golf course.
A golf course.

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There are also some designs of the bath towel that allow the body of the towel to be clipped to a swivel mount. This feature makes it possible to attach the towel to the golf bag in the same manner as the bag clip. However, instead of disengaging the towel from the bag in order to use it, the swivel mount makes it possible to simply grab the towel, pull it upwards and dry the hands and then allow the towel to drop back into position. Many golfers consider towels configured for use with a swivel mount to be an excellent choice.

When it comes to materials, the golf towel makes use of the same range of fiber blends as many other small towels. Cotton and cotton blends are very popular options for the towels, as are microfiber blends using two parts polyester to one part of some type of nylon. In all cases, the material selected for manufacturing these sport towels is machine washable, making it easy to use them repeatedly over a number of years.

In terms of size, it is possible to purchase towels of varying measurements. A smaller golf towel is often sufficient for casual games taking place in moderate weather. However, professional golfers who are competing on difficult courses and in warmer weather will often opt for a slightly larger towel and usually one that is more absorbent. Towel sizes may range from something that is slightly larger than the average men’s handkerchief to versions that are slightly smaller than the average bath towel.

Different brands and sizes of the golf towel can be readily obtained at any retail outlet that carries golfing equipment and supplies. The towels are available in a wide range of colors and sizes, and can also be personalized with logos or other distinguishing marks. In addition to retail outlets, many golf clubs also provide their players with complimentary towels to use while enjoying the courses.

Folded golf towels.
Folded golf towels.

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