What is a Goldendoodle?

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A goldendoodle is crossbreed of two very popular dog breeds, a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. While sources vary as to the origin of this hybrid dog, most agree that the purpose of the crossbreed is to combine the positive traits of each separate breed. The result is an intelligent, friendly, low-shedding, trainable dog. Also known as a goldenpoo, groodle or goldipoo, a goldendoodle can vary in size and coloring.

When a standard sized Poodle is mated with a Golden Retriever, the goldendoodle will likely measure 20 to 29 inches (51 to 73 cm) and weigh from 45 to 90 pounds (21 to 41 kg). If the crossbreed involves a miniature or toy poodle, the size will be much smaller, with a height of 13 to 21 inches (33 to 53 cm) and weight of 25 to 45 pounds (11 to 21 kg).

Although the fur of a goldendoodle can be more wavy like a Golden Retriever or kinky curly like a poodle, most have fur that is a mixture of the two textures. Given that the Golden Retrievers are fairly consistent in color, the color of the goldendoodle is dependent on the poodle genes. The resulting coat color can be white, cream, gold, apricot, chocolate, gray, black or a mixture.


The average life expectancy of a goldendoodle is fifteen years. They are social dogs that enjoy human companionship, are gentle with children and strangers, as well as with other animals. They need a moderate amount of exercise. The coat of the goldendoodle is generally low maintenance, with combing required every few weeks.

The traits of a goldendoodle include a keen sense of smell, a hunting instinct and the ability to enjoy water and swimming. Generally, they are eager to please and train, so they are often used as assistance or service dogs. Most goldendoodles are bred in North America and Australia.


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