What is a Golden Raspberry?

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A golden raspberry is a natural variant of the red raspberry, with a more sweet, mild flavor and a remarkable pale yellow to orange-gold color. These berries are somewhat unusual when compared to conventional raspberries, and they are usually sold as a specialty item, often commanding a higher price as a result. Typically, they are available in mid summer and again in the fall, when they come into season for only a few weeks. Greengrocers and large markets may stock golden raspberries, and they are not uncommon at farmers' markets. It is also possible to establish golden raspberry canes at home, for gardeners who have the space.

All raspberries grow on thorny canes which will yield a profusion of fruit if they are well cared for. Raspberries will continue fruiting year after year, as long as the canes are pruned and separated to promote growth. Many consumers greatly enjoy raspberries since they have a rich, intense flavor which can be used in a wide range of foods. Raspberries can also be eaten out of hand, and they are a very healthy fruit in addition to being tasty.


One of the most common golden raspberry cultivars is the Fall Gold, a very hardy specimen which can be grown in USDA zones five through nine. The precise color of a Fall Gold's crop can vary, depending on an assortment of conditions, so the fruits may be straw yellow to dark orange when mature. This cultivar of the golden raspberry is an everbearing cane, meaning that it will produce two crops each year.

Golden raspberries can be used in any recipe which calls for regular raspberries. They make excellent jam, fruit fillings for cakes, and decorative features on mousse. They can also be included in fruit salads, dessert platters, and smoothies. Since the golden raspberry is a bit more rare than red raspberries, most cooks try to use them in dishes where their delicate flavor will shine.

The term “Golden Raspberry” is also used to refer to a satirical movie award, given out to a truly awful film. The “Razzies,” as they are called, date back to 1981, when John Wilson decided that it was time to publicly recognize atrocious film making. The Golden Raspberry Awards are held the night before the Academy Awards, by tradition, and several actors and actresses have been honored with both Razzies and Oscars, though not for the same film.


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Post 5

There must be different types of golden raspberries because the ones we have are much sweeter and taste a lot better than red raspberries.

Post 4

I completely disagree with the first comment. I grow the golden raspberries in my garden here in Calgary Alberta and there is no comparison in sweetness with the red raspberries. They are sweet and fantastic, but you have to pick them before they turn red, because at that time they taste a little sour.

Post 3

I ordered some Fall Gold raspberry plants simply because I wanted to enjoy fresh raspberries later in the season. I can never get enough fresh raspberries, and am always sad when the season is over.

With these raspberries, you get another smaller crop later on in the year. I don't enjoy the flavor of them by themselves like I do the red raspberries though. They do make great jam, and I like to make several jars of preserves to give as Christmas gifts.

Post 2

Personally, I found the golden raspberry to taste more sour rather than sweeter compared to the red raspberry, but still very good. Also, it was only 1/4 the price of red raspberries.

Post 1

I was looking for the color of the blossom as I might have a salmon berry plant in my garden. I know they have a beautiful hot pink blossom. Can any one help me?

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