What Is a Gold Facial?

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A gold facial is a type of spa treatment that includes the application of a facial mask made with 24 carat gold foil. This kind of facial can often help to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for a more youthful appearance. This softer precious metal's composition allows the skin to more readily absorb it; a gold facial can have benefits for both dry skin and oily, acne-prone skin. A somewhat smaller number of select salons and day spas tend to offer this higher-end skin treatment, and an aesthetician with specialized training in the use of gold facial kits should ideally apply this type of facial mask.

Depending on each client's age and skin type, a gold facial can help purge the skin of common environmental toxins and reduce the appearance of sun damage. Gold has been shown in some lab tests to speed up the regeneration of skin cells, which can often have noticeable skin brightening effects. Since gold face treatments have detoxifying properties, they can also help reduce levels of acne-causing bacteria on the skin as well as prevent some new blemishes from forming.


Prior to the applications of gold creams, gels, or heated masks, one of these facials typically begins with skin cleansing using certain products based on individual skin type. The next step usually entails exfoliation and facial massage to help remove dead surface skin cells as well as facilitate drainage of the lymphatic system, an important component of the detoxification process. A final part of the gold facial usually includes the application of a gel-based gold foil mask known as a heated turmeric pack. Some versions of this facial can also include a second gold mask that is simply applied cold and left to settle for about 10 minutes.

The typical gold facial treatment kit consists of both a gold-based cream and gold-based gel that have additional skin-improving ingredients. The gold cream typically consists of 24K gold dust mixed with saffron, honey, and sandalwood powder. This cream is usually followed by the gold-based gel turmeric pack derived from a combination of aloe vera and very thin sheets of gold foil. A specialized facial instrument is generally used to melt the gold foil by controlled degrees so that the gold particles can penetrate the skin's surface. Following the removal of the gold turmeric pack, the skin is usually calmed with cold compresses and moisturized with a light lotion.


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Post 5

I believe that a real fruit facial applied at home every day is much better than a precious metal facial.

Post 4

How often should the gold face masks be used?

Post 3

@simrin-- Yea, this is the real popular treatment for wrinkles, darkness and puffiness nowadays. I'm not surprised that you weren't happy with your gold cream because in order for the skin to absorb the gold, it has to be heated which is not possible for creams.

But gold facials work because the gold is heated before application. Plus, gold facial masks are not a completely new treatment. People in history have used gold masks for beauty. I know it was used in Asia and Egypt. It's still very common in Japan and this trend might have come from there.

So I think that gold facials are definitely worth a try, it's something completely different from creams with gold particles. But it does have a high cost so it might be something that you treat yourself to like @alisha said rather than making this a regular skin care treatment.

Post 2

@simrin-- My best friend treated me to this facial before my wedding and I loved it! I think it does work because my skin felt a lot firmer and softer after the facial. Not to mention that I felt like gold because I had gold leaves all over my face!

The lady who worked there suggested that I get this facial skin treatment 1-2 weeks before my wedding. Apparently the gold speeds up skin cell regeneration and causes fresh skin to come through. So the benefits show up some days after the facial. I had it done one week before my wedding and my skin was gorgeous.

Post 1

This is very interesting, I had never heard of this before!

I have used a face cream with gold particles in it and didn't notice much of a difference with my skin. I do believe that precious metals have benefits for us and gold especially because I read that it's the most appropriate metal for our skin composition.

But reading some of the other ingredients of the gold masks in the article, I wonder if it's really the gold that benefits, or the other ingredients? The article has listed ingredients like saffron, honey, aloe vera and sandalwood- all of which are known to be beneficial for skin.

Has anyone gotten a gold mask facial? Does it really help with wrinkles?

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