What is a Global Trust Fund?

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A global trust fund is a financial account that accepts contributions for the purpose of aiding and assisting in global causes such as poverty, education, and disease. Global trust funds have expanded rapidly in recent years to provide food, electricity, medical care, and clean water to citizens of Third World countries in an effort to increase the quality of life in these areas. Significant global trust funds such as the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program, World Food Program, and the HIV/AIDS Global Trust Fund have made significant contributions in addressing these global quality of life issues.

In 2010, the Gates Foundation met with the governments of multiple nations to launch a global trust fund called the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program. The purpose of this program was to act as a support system for the world's poorest farmers, most of whom reside in Asia and Africa. This global trust fund tries to help impoverished farmers grow more food and earn more money in an effort to raise themselves and their countries out of poverty and hunger.


The World Food Program (WFP) is one of the largest global trust funds working to fight hunger and poverty worldwide. Its goal is to ensure that every individual receives the nutritional support needed to sustain a healthy life. The United Nations manages this global trust fund and acts as a fiduciary for donations received from private donors and other charitable foundations. This program distributes food and vital resources to struggling individuals during emergencies or natural disasters. As of 2010, the World Food Program was on track to provide food and assistance to more than 90 million people.

In 2001, world leaders met at the G8 Summit in Genoa to create an HIV/AIDS and disease prevention fund. This particular global trust fund aims to reduce HIV infection, tuberculosis, and malaria worldwide. The fund will provide clinical treatment and medications to individuals with these conditions as well as HIV vaccinations to populations that face a higher risk of contracting the HIV infection. A report issued by the World Bank in 2001 found that many impoverished countries were not playing an active role in administering the programs funded by various global trust funds, however.


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