What Is a Global Coordinator?

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A global coordinator is an individual who is given the responsibility to oversee a public offering that is issued on a worldwide basis. The coordinator is responsible for coordinating all activities involved with the issuance and sales that occur as part of the offering, and will typically work closely with underwriters and others in order to ensure the public offering is in compliance with any and all governmental regulations that apply. In order to accomplish this task, the global coordinator will often work with a number of regional coordinators as well as function as the interface with underwriters and others who are involved with making the public offering a reality.

The scope of responsibilities associated with a global coordinator will include working with contacts in each nation involved in the public offering. This is necessary in order to make sure the terms of the offering are in full compliance with all trading regulations that are currently in force within each of those nations. Typically, the chain of communication will call for designating a national coordinator in each country, or in some cases the designation of a regional coordinator who handles activities in a select group of countries. With either structure, the coordinators working in specific geographic areas will work in tandem with the global coordinator, making it possible to constantly be aware of the status of the public offering in those areas.


Along with working closely with national or regional coordinators, a global coordinator will also be involved with managers and others at the company issuing the public offering, as well as representatives of any institutions that are underwriting the offering. This helps to create a single conduit of information flow that makes it easier to ensure all interested parties are kept up to date on what is happening with the offering. The global coordinator effectively functions as a means of qualifying information before it passes to either underwriters or those who are functioning as local coordinators, a process that helps to minimize the potential for miscommunications or incomplete data from creating delays or other types of issues for anyone involved in the project.

The exact duties of a global coordinator are usually defined by restrictions put in place by trade regulations, and the terms agreed upon with the issuing company. This allows the coordinator to have the authority to make decisions regarding different processes in the rolling out of the public offering, while still maintaining accountability to both underwriters and others who have a stake in the outcome of the offering’s execution. Companies tend to hire individuals who know the market well, have a background that includes successfully working with global public offerings in the past, and possess the skills needed to effectively lead a team of coordinators and maintain a consistent flow of communication.


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