What is a Global Consulting Firm?

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Global consulting firms are companies that are capable of offering international consulting support to corporations, worldwide non-profit organizations, and even governments with international holdings. The exact form that this consulting can take covers the entire range of services and functions that most organizations require in order to operate. A global consulting firm may choose to specialize in a limited range of consulting options, or offer consulting related to just about every aspect of the operation.

One common example of business consulting firms offering global support is in the area of information technology services. A global consulting firm that is focused on IT solutions can help organizations design and maintain a workable network that unites locations of the organization around the world. At the same time, the global IT consulting firm may offer advice and recommendations on hardware and software needed to create the network, as well as aid in identifying key locations to function as hubs on that network. The consultant firm can also help the organization develop strategies and protocols that allow authorized individuals to connect with the network securely when traveling.


A global consulting firm may focus on providing assistance in the creation of an accounting system that allows the organization to function in a number of different countries. The firm can advise on regulations that must be observed in order to operate within a given country, including the processes for issuing invoices, receiving payments, reporting earnings, and paying applicable taxes within each country where the company has a presence. Consultants may take on the task of remaining on retainer with the client, creating a situation where the consultant can help integrate new locations into the system when and as needed.

In some cases, the global consulting firm may be involved in the creation of a worldwide marketing campaign. Here, the consultant will look closely at which elements of the campaign translate well into each market where the business has a presence, which elements may trigger a negative reaction in a given area, and how to reconstruct those elements so they are acceptable within a given cultural setting. Consultants who provide services of this type can often help companies expanding into new countries to avoid committing serious lapses in business etiquette that would undermine the company’s ability to build and maintain a solid presence.

The global consulting firm is usually privy to a great deal of proprietary information associated with the client. For this reason, confidentiality agreements between the consultant and the client are common. This is especially true when the consultant is involved in the creation of customized software applications for the specific use of the client, or when the consultant is associated with the creation of a global advertising strategy.


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