What is a Ginger Grater?

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The ginger grater is a useful kitchen utensil that makes the job of removing small amounts of flesh from the ginger root a quick and easy task. Armed with small prongs that are capable of cutting into the flesh of the root, ginger graters work well with any type of ginger root, even if the surface is unusually shaped. Here is some information about the construction of the ginger grater, how to use the utensil, and ideas on where to purchase a ginger grater.

Constructed of stainless steel or porcelain, the ginger grater is a small kitchen utensil. Manufactured with an eye to use with one hand, the grater features a handle that makes it possible to easily hold the device in place during use. Attached to the handle is a small plate that is riddled with the sharp prongs that allow the ginger grater to bite into the flesh of the root. Porcelain graters will have sharp raised heads in the place of the prongs.

In both instances, the grater is operated by moving the ginger root across the heads or prongs, gently freeing the flesh from the root and resulting in grated ginger that can be used in a number of recipes. As with any type of grater, it is a good idea to watch the grating action closely, not allowing the fingers to get too close to the prongs.


Along with the intended use of grating ginger, the grater can also be used with a number of other foods as well. For instance, the ginger grater works well with carrots, resulting in a finely grated substance that can be used to thicken soups and stews. Hard cheeses can also be prepared by using a ginger grater, creating a thinly grated cheese that is ideal for use as a topping on casseroles. Even blocks of chocolate can be prepared with the use of a ginger grater, although it is a good idea to move slowly. Since the grating action can set up a lot of friction, the resulting heat could begin to melt the chocolate.

Purchasing a ginger grater is not hard to accomplish. Just about any kitchen store will feature selections of both the stainless steel and the porcelain models of the ginger grater. Some kitchen departments at finer department stores are also likely to carry at least one or two types of the ginger grater. While the ginger grater is generally more expensive than a standard grater, the resulting texture is often ideal for many different types of cuisine, making the ginger grater well worth the extra money.


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Post 2

One of the things I like about using my small ginger or garlic grater, is it almost makes a paste out of it. This is also fresher than buying the jars of garlic or ginger paste.

I like to use ginger for extra flavor for many foods and will also keep a jar in the refrigerator to use if I don't have fresh ginger root on hand.

My first choice is using the grater with the fresh ginger. These graters are very inexpensive and will find many different uses for them.

Post 1

I have never bought a grater specifically used for ginger. I like to use a small hand held grater that I use not only for ginger, but also for garlic and even hard cheese.

Most regular size cheese graters have holes that are too big, but the smaller ones are perfect for something like grating ginger.

I never use one ginger root all at once, so I will always store the unused portion in the freezer. Even when you remove it from the freezer, it is easy to grate using one of these graters.

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