What is a German Warmblood?

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The term "German Warmblood" refers to certain regional horse breeds in Germany like the Oldenburg, the Holsteiner, the Hanoverian, the Westphalian and the Trakehner. These types of horses are named and identified by the region in which they were bred; this means that if a Hanoverian horse is moved to the Westphalian region and is bred there, the offspring will be known as Westphalians. Except for the Trakehner, which is now a definite breed with distinctive characteristics, the rest of the German Warmblood horses are not true breeds with a closed stud book. These breeds are still evolving, and are being bred with other German Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds and Arabians in order to improve their stock by enhancing or introducing certain desired characteristics.

Originally, the German Warmblood horses were bred for agricultural, military and transport purposes; they were used to pull plows, carriages, cannons, as well as for riding. After the invention of the combustible engine, it became unnecessary for the horses to be used for their physical strength. Breeders now became more focused on producing horses based on their physical attractiveness and amenable temperament.


The breeding of German Warmblood horses is a carefully vetted process. The horses, usually between the ages of three and five, have to undergo and pass various physical and temperament tests before they are approved for breeding. Each horse is registered in a regional breed registry; it cannot be registered in more than one registry. It is possible, however, for a horse from one registry to be selected for breeding by another breed registry. These carefully kept records allow breeders to trace the bloodlines of the Warmblood horses accurately, and to select the right stallions and mares for breeding.

There are many principal and provincial studs in Germany. The principal studs keep both mares and stallions, and direct their own breeding programs. The provincial studs, on the other hand, usually only keep specially selected, high quality stallions. For a specified breeding fee, horse breeders can improve their Warmblood stock by breeding their mares with these stallions.


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While I do like horses, I've always been a bit nervous to get up close to one. Even more so, I've always been a bit hesitant to go horseback riding. The thing is that, no matter how much you tame them, and even when raised on a farm, they're still animals. I think sometimes we tend to forget that no matter how much we train an animal, we can't take the "wild" out of them, so to speak. However, maybe I will give horseback riding a chance someday. While it's OK to be hesitant, many people do it all the time and don't end up getting injured.

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@Euroxati - While I don't know if I consider horses to be smart, I can see where you're coming from when you say they can bond with you. For example, have you ever seen a movie called Seabiscuit? To make a long story short, it involves a young man who is determined to win a horse race by any means necessary. However, over time, he begins to bond with this horse and even begins to realize that the horses on the racetrack aren't even being treated right. Constantly whipped, controlled and abused, they're seen as a means to an end, and not an animal with feelings and thoughts.

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Horses are definitely one of my favorite animals. However, unlike some people's reasons, it's not because horses can be bred and used for racetracks, but it's because they can have a lot of relation to you. For example, for those who have never worked on a farm, you may not know this, but over time, the horse(s) begins to bond with you, and even becomes like a best friend of sorts. I know that there are those who don't consider horses to be that smart, but in this case, I beg to differ.

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