What is a Geriatric Center?

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A geriatric center is an establishment that caters to the specific needs of elderly people. These centers usually feature a pharmaceutical dispensary, a nursing staff, and activities geared toward encouraging socialization within and outside of the geriatric community. Senior citizens can opt to live in the center for a fixed monthly rate, although it is not uncommon for others to drop by the center on a day-to-day bases. Some residents in a geriatric center might be forced to live there, however, as a result of limited support from their families or the inability to be physically or mentally independent.

The main goal of a geriatric center is to improve the quality of life for the elderly. As the human body ages, nutritional and medical demands increase. In some cases, aged individuals become unable to address these needs on their own. Visiting a geriatric center allows them to obtain the medications and medical help they need to continue a functional and comfortable life.


Many of the medications made available at geriatric health centers deal with common issues faced during late senescence. These include memory aids, appetite stimulants, and essential vitamins and minerals. Treatments for incontinence and tremors are also commonly available. Certain medications that address specific medical and psychological disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis and depression, can be provided for residents suffering from the conditions. Medication at a geriatric center is usually strictly controlled; patients receive a predetermined set of pills or syrups at scheduled times of the day.

Most geriatric centers employ a sizable nursing staff to assist patients with their daily activities. The nurses often provide physical support when residents need to move about, sometimes even helping them go about their daily routines. The orderlies also maintain and uphold the center's safety guidelines to guarantee no harm is done to the residents, whether self-inflicted or otherwise. In some centers, the staff can facilitate regular exercise routines and social events to keep spirits up among the aged.

Residents and guests at a geriatric center can opt to participate in recreational activities organized by the staff. These events often include low-energy games such as bingo and poker. Field trips can also be scheduled if the residents desire outdoor activities. A recreational center typically contains a common room for socialization, in which individuals can come together to chat or watch television. At times, the center might welcome visitors from socially-conscious organizations hoping to provide some recreation for the residents.


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