What is a George Foreman&Reg; Grill?

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A George Foreman® grill in an indoor electrically heated grill that was first introduced to the public in 1994. George Foreman, the man for which the grill is so named, is a former champion boxer. The George Foreman® Grill features a clam shell design and has an indented heating surface that slants downward to drain liquid fat away from the food. There have been several versions of the indoor grill manufactured since the original George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine®.

"The Champ" is the nickname for the original version of the George Foreman® Grill. It has a 36 square inch (91.44 square cm) grilling surface that accommodates enough food to feed two people. It has a temperature indicator light, that informs the used the grill is preheated, and embedded heat elements, that provides the grill with consistent heat throughout the cooking process. On this version of the indoor grill, the grill plates are fixed, meaning they have to be wiped down with a damp cloth after use.


"The Next Grilleration" is the second version of the George Foreman® Grill. It features a 50 square inch (127.15 square cm) grilling surface, which accommodates enough meat to feed three people. It has the same temperature indicator light and embedded heat elements as "The Champ," but the lid is hinged, allowing the grill to accommodate thicker cuts of meat. This version of the indoor grill has removable, dishwasher-safe, grill plates, which makes it easier to clean. The Next Grilleration is also sold in a family size, which features a 72 square inch (182.88 square cm) grill plate that can hold enough meat to feed a family of four.

The "G5 Grill" has an 84 square inch (223.52 square cm) grilling surface, which can accommodate enough meet to feed a family of five. It is referred to as the "G5 Grill" because it has five removable grill plates, which include two ribbed grill plates, two waffle plates and a baking plate. The removable plates are dishwasher safe, making clean up very easy. This version of the George Foreman® Grill also comes equipped with a temperature dial, allowing you to cook a variety of frozen foods, such as fish sticks and chicken nuggets, on the baking pan.

The "360 Grill" is a round indoor grill with 106 square inches (269.24 square cm) of grilling surface. It has five round removable grill plates that, like the previous versions, are dishwasher safe. The grill plates include two ribbed grill plates, two quesadilla plates, and a multi-purpose plate for cooking deep dish pizzas, baking and using as a griddle. This version also has a temperature control dial and indicator light.

There are several other George Foreman® Grills that just have slight differences from the above versions. There are larger sizes to accommodate big families, and personal sizes for single people. George Foreman has also manufactured other appliances, such as deep fryers and broilers.


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