What is a Gelatin Egg Mold?

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The gelatin egg mold is a handy kitchen utensil that makes it possible to create oval shaped treats using flavored gelatin along with all sorts of fruits or nuts. There are also several recipes that call for a mixture of gelatin and instant pudding to create egg shaped cold treats for special occasions and as after school snacks. Here are some facts about the construction of the gelatin egg mold, as well as some examples of how gelatin egg molds can be used.

The history of the gelatin egg mold can be traced back to a promotional campaign conducted by the most famous flavored gelatin mix in the world. During the decade of the 1960’s, the Jell-O Company came up with the idea of using ordinary plastic ice cube trays as a way to create square shaped Jell-O® Jigglers. The concept of making fun treats using Jell-O® caught on, and in no time the idea of being able to use Jello to make egg shaped treats was developed.


Launched as a springtime idea for making refreshing gelatin concoctions, Jell-O&reg eggs became a common sight in the United States around Eastertime. As the concept grew, mass marketing of a patented gelatin egg mold began. With an affordable price, just about every family was able to take advantage of owning one of the Jell-O&reg Jigglers molds. Combined with the low price for flavored gelatin, the new gelatin egg mold was a great way to have healthier snacks on hand for the kids without spending a lot of money.

The gelatin egg mold is usually composed of egg shaped compartments made of tough plastic. The gelatin can be prepared according to package instructions, then poured into the mold and sealed. Once the gelatin has set, the oval shapes are easily removed from the mold and can be used as garnish on a cold plate or edible decorations for all sorts of occasions, such as birthday parties or holiday events. While many people still refer to gelatin eggs as Jell-O® Eggs, it is possible to use any brand of gelatin to prepare the oval shapes.

Some variations on the eggs made with a gelatin egg mold include substituting fruit juice or carbonated beverages for the cold water recommended by most powdered gelatin mixes. This can lead to enhanced flavors for the eggs, as well as add some visual interest with the pockets of carbonation in the appearance of the egg. Today’s sugar free gelatin mixes work just as well as the more traditional sugared gelatin mixes, so it is possible to create low sugar and low calorie treats with a gelatin egg mold.


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