What is a Gas Hose?

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A gas hose is a hose that is made for the specific purposes of carrying gases from one point to another with as little leakage as possible. A hose is a flexible, cylindrical tube that is used for containing various substances. Making and selecting a gas hose poses specific challenges to those who need to do so, as gas particles are often very small and mobile and can easily leak out of the smallest gap. This is particularly bad when the gas or gases carried by the hose are flammable or explosive; this in particular can be a major issue in labs and major industries.

A gas hose can be made out of quite a few different substances; the main concern is ensuring that the hose does not leak at any point. Different kinds of plastic and rubber are commonly used to make hoses because of their flexibility, low price, and generally leak-resistant construction. Pressure is another important concern in hose design, as some hoses need to carry gases at very high pressures without bursting. Sometimes, hoses are braided with steel wire or other durable substances to increase their abilities to carry high pressure.


You can find a gas hose in a variety of different settings. Gas hoses are used to carry various gases in a variety of different industries, and they are commonly used in labs. Health professionals use gas hoses with strong suction to remove various forms of organic debris from their patients. Gas hoses allow people to breathe in remote places when they are attached to oxygen tanks or other remote sources of oxygen. Divers, for example, breathe through gas hoses.

In many cases, gas hoses need to carry gases that are toxic, flammable, or otherwise dangerous to humans. This can present many challenges to those who design and use them, and many safety measures must be used. Obviously, they need to be designed in such a way that they don't leak, as leaks would result in the loss of something both dangerous and possibly valuable. Also, they need to be resistant to breaking. A gas hose will often be reinforced with metal to ensure that it remains intact when someone trips over it or some similar incident occurs.

One particularly difficult place for a gas hose to exist is outer space. Engineers for various space programs need to deal with the lack of external pressure when designing their hoses. Mistakes can not be made, as these hoses often carry oxygen to astronauts or carry other vital gases where they are needed.


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