What is a Garmin&Reg; Nuvi&Reg;?

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In today’s technological world, many drivers rely upon global positioning system (GPS) devices when driving and traveling. Most of these GPS systems are pocket-sized navigators that can be easily installed on windshields or held in the hand. One popular brand is the Garmin® Nüvi®, a portable, handheld GPS navigator that comes in several different models, depending on the person’s budget and navigation needs. The main models include the 205, 500, 705, 805, 1200 and 1300 series.

The Garmin® Nüvi® 205 series models are typically the most simple and cost-efficient types of GPS navigators made by the manufacturer. There are actually seven different models under this category, and their prices range from about $100 US Dollars (USD) to $250 USD. The majority of the models in this series include preloaded street maps for the preferred region, from the continental U.S. to North American and European areas. They show the traveler’s current location and provide navigation.

One level up in the Garmin® Nüvi® product line is the 500 series. This series has two main models, and it provides preloaded street maps for the continental U.S. and topographical maps that show terrain changes. The GPS system speaks street names aloud and provides multi-mode, which allows the user to search for nearby points of interest while maintaining the original driving course. The 500 model is waterproof, and many boaters and outdoor enthusiasts enjoy this feature. Both the 500 models cost about $300 USD.


When a traveler desires route planning and three-dimensional views, the Garmin® Nüvi® 705 or 805 series is usually purchased. Both of these series have several main models that also provide advanced navigation and lane assistance, which is useful when traveling through hectic metropolitan areas. These models also include MP3 connections, and the price range for these series is between $280 USD and $450 USD.

The newest Garmin® Nüvi® series are the 1200 and 1300 series. Both have several models and are ultra-slim. The major different between the 1200 and 1300 models is that the latter offers a larger navigation screen. Both types feature preloaded street maps for North America, Hawaii and Puerto Rico and have voice-spoken street names and optional FM radio traffic tools. They also utilize photo navigation, pedestrian navigation routes and ecoRoutes. These models cost between $150 USD and $300 USD.


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