What is a Garlic Pot?

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Garlic pots are containers that are designed to serve as storage for garlic cloves and garlic bulbs. Typically small enough to keep on a kitchen counter without taking up much space, the garlic pot allows the garlic to receive just the right amount of air circulation and protection from light to prevent mold and mildew. Here are some characteristics of the garlic pot, and why it is a handy container for just about any kitchen.

Most models of the garlic pot are relatively small and usually round. Often, the garlic pot is constructed of some sort of porous material, such as fired ceramics or terra cotta. Both types of the garlic pot will feature a lid that is loose fitting, allowing for quick retrieval of the garlic clove from the container. In addition, the garlic pot will have a series of air holes on the backside of the body of the container. These holes supply the garlic bulb with proper circulation and help to prevent the garlic from drying out. Coupled with the lid, the garlic pot also protects the garlic from direct contact with light, which could hasten the process of mold appearing on the garlic.


The actual appearance of the garlic pot may vary. In some cases, the garlic pot will be constructed in a manner similar to the standard kitchen canister, with a simple lid that fits snugly over the top of the container. More decorative examples of the garlic pot may include oversized lids that fit down over a smaller body, giving the appearance of a mushroom. Whether looking for something simple to fit in with the d├ęcor or something that will stand out, there is a garlic pot that will work in just about every kitchen.

Finding a garlic pot for purchase is not difficult. Often, stores that carry fresh herbs will also have several garlic storage options for sale, including the garlic pot. Many organic food stores will also carry a range of garlic pots, some of them made by local potters. High-end kitchen shops are another source of several types of the garlic pot, especially ceramic models.

The garlic pot is a must for anyone who likes to cook with fresh garlic. With the ability to keep garlic fresh for a long time, and a relatively small structure that takes up little space on the counter, the garlic pot can be an ideal way to keep your favorite herb nearby and ready for use.


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I just bought a garlic container at a higher end kitchen shop. It is very practical, decorative and it was not an expensive purchase. I highly recommend it.

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