What Is a Garden Shed?

Nychole Price

A garden shed is a unit that is used for storing garden tools, fertilizer, lawn mowers and other items used to care for lawns and gardens. The purpose of a garden shed is to keep these items within easy reach and out of the destructive power of the elements. Rain and sun can damage garden tools by making them brittle and causing them to rust. In order for a garden shed to serve its purpose, it must remain organized.

Lawn mowers are often stored in garden sheds.
Lawn mowers are often stored in garden sheds.

Garden sheds are usually located in the back of the yard, out of the way of traffic. Items not stored in the garage or house are often placed in the garden shed. Most garden sheds are locked with a padlock to prevent theft and small children from accessing harmful items.

Garden sheds may be secured with a padlock to prevent theft.
Garden sheds may be secured with a padlock to prevent theft.

Garden sheds often accumulate items that remain unused for long periods of time. If these items haven't been used in a year or longer, chances are good that they won't be used again. Consider donating these items or throw them away. They take up precious space in the garden shed that can be used to store other items.

Store small gardening supplies, such as hand tools and weed whacker string, on shelves in the garden shed. If the garden shed doesn't have shelves, you can purchase some or build them yourself. When small items are stored on shelves, they won't get lost or damaged by the larger items. Items that are used regularly, such a fertilizer, can also be stored on shelves for easy grasp.

Attach hooks to the sides of the garden shed to store items such as rakes and shovels. These items tend to topple over on one another and get caught up. Hang these items up on hooks so they can be easily grabbed and used when needed. Attach the hooks in a spot that is close to the door for easy reach.

Items that can be damaged by humidity should be stored in plastic containers in the garden shed. These include grass seed, fertilizer, plant and vegetable seeds and soil. Place these items on a shelf.

Lawn mowers and weed whackers can be placed on the floor of the garden shed. Make sure they are spaced apart for easy removal. Items that are used most often should be placed in the front of the garden shed. Store rarely used items in the back corners of the garden shed.

Every so often, organize your shed. Rearrange items according to how often they are used. Toss out items that haven't been used in a year or so. Many people make organizing their garden shed part of their spring cleaning routine.

Garden sheds can usually be found tucked away in the corner of backyards on most properties.
Garden sheds can usually be found tucked away in the corner of backyards on most properties.

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@Wisedly33: Sometimes you can get a garden shed for a good price at the big box hardware stores. They often have them on sale at the end of the summer.

I got one for less than $500 and it is great for storing our gardening tools, lawnmower and everything else I need when I start to work in the yard. I consider it an excellent investment.


I think every gardener longs for a garden shed. They are convenient for keeping everything, as well as for helping keep a yard neat. Without a garage or other outdoor storage, there's no way to keep gardening and yard tools like rakes or hoes out of the weather. But a garden shed allows all these items to be kept safely and are convenient when the gardener needs something.

I would agree with the article saying that a gardener needs to clean out the shed once in a while. As with a garage, there are many items that are "out of sight, out of mind," and it's probably a good idea to go through a shed at the beginning of every season and discard old bags of dirt, broken tools, etc.

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