What is a Garden Bathtub?

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A garden bathtub is a bathtub that is oversize and deeper than standard models, and it can also refer to a tub located in an outdoor garden space or within a bathroom next to a window and surrounded by various plants, flowers, and foliage. Most garden tubs do not contain showers or whirlpool jets. They aim to create relaxation in an aesthetically pleasing environment, which is especially true when located in an artificially created indoor garden or a bathtub installed in a garden outdoors.

Many assume that a garden bathtub has one meaning and one meaning only: a tub placed in a garden. While this definition is certainly true, there are other definitions that fit the term as well. A garden tub might be indoors in a faux natural setting. It can also denote a style of bathtub favored by many. The garden bathtub model is freestanding, very large, and has steps leading up to and into it.

Typical indoor garden bathtubs will be encompassed by specially placed plants and vegetation. They are also usually situated near a large window that overlooks an outdoor garden, which enhances the feeling of bathing in nature and lets in a steady stream of natural light. Indoor garden bathtubs are available in a wide variety of makes, models, colors, and sizes to suit nearly any bathroom decor and to create just the right simulation of bathing outdoors.


Once placed in an actual outdoor garden or other natural space, a garden bathtub becomes an oasis of escape and relaxation. An outdoor bathtub is not a whirlpool or Jacuzzi®; it is simply an oversize tub located in the great outdoors. Surrounded by layers of vegetation, a discreet garden bathtub creates a unique and memorable bathing experience.

When installing a garden bathtub outdoors, there are a few major factors to take into consideration. A source of water and proper water drainage are imperative for the successful implementation of an outdoor garden bathtub. Installation experts advise those wishing to mount an outdoor tub to ensure all the water and drainage requirements for the unit can be successfully met before digging up the ground.

One disadvantage of a garden bathtub of any definition is the difficulty of cleaning the unit. The garden tub model of bathtub is oversized and takes much longer to properly clean. Outdoor garden tubs are susceptible to the elements, and the presence of dirt, insects, and leaves is common.


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Post 4

The house I live in has a garden corner bathtub. This is a freestanding tub, but it is in the corner of the room so it doesn't take up so much space. It does look really nice, and the tub is big and deep, but I never take a bath.

The shower is what gets used most of the time in my bathroom. This is not a tub shower, but a walk-in shower with lots of room. I really enjoy this much better than I would taking a bath.

About the only time my garden tub gets used is when the grand kids are over and they want to take a bath. This isn't what most people probably think about when using a garden tub for a quiet, relaxing bath. If it wasn't for my grand kids though, this tub would never get any use at all.

Post 3

I think there is something romantic and appealing about a garden tub. I have never had the luxury of having one but think it would be something I would use quite often.

We have a shower tub in our bathroom, and I would love to have a separate bathtub just for myself. I have never had a window in my bathroom either and have always wanted something like this.

It wouldn't be very practical where I live in the city because I would have to keep the blinds closed all the time. I picture a garden tub next to a big open window in the country where you wouldn't have to worry about other people seeing in.

Post 2

This sounds like something I would love to have in my house. I can understand having this next to a window and surrounding it with plants so you felt like you were outside.

I have a hard time imagining the practicality of having something like this outside though. One thing is for sure, it would have to be pretty private and discrete for me to enjoy sitting outside in a tub like this.

I guess I am not much of an outdoors type of person. Not only would the location be an issue, but I would also worry about bugs bothering me all the time.

If I were to have a freestanding bathtub like this, it would definitely have to be inside.

Post 1

In the house I used to live in we had a jetted bathtub which rarely got used. I found the jets to be noisy and the tub was small and not very comfortable to sit and relax in.

When we were building our new house, I knew one of the things I wanted was a garden tub in the bathroom. I wanted something that was big enough to stretch out in, relax and enjoy a nice quiet soak.

I have surrounded the tub with plants and candles which makes this a very nice, pleasing atmosphere. After a long day, I look forward to the peace and quiet of a long soak in the tub. This is one thing that I have actually used as much as I thought I would.

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